Perryville youth rally will feature Cameron Mills

October 15, 2004|BOBBIE CURD

PERRYVILLE - Pam Pendegrist says she had a vision one afternoon when she pulled up the driveway to her farm in Perryville.

"I looked over at the field, and it was almost like someone was sitting there telling me how good of a place it would be for a youth rally," she says.

Pendegrist then mentioned it to her church, Berea Christian in Harrodsburg, which decided to have a youth gathering in her field.

"We cooked out, sang, and the kids all seemed to love it. They had the best time."

Then came a whirlwind of planning over the next nine days as ideas for the first Youth RAP (Revival and Praise) Festival came together.


"We decided that the gathering was so wonderful, we wanted to turn it into something much bigger, and invite everyone and all denominations. We want all religions to be able to come together."

Pendegrist says the Lord has opened all of the doors for her and made something that sounded impossible happen in a fraction of the time it normally would take to plan.

"It was just unbelievable. It's the Lord that's making sure that everyone I called said they'd come. Wal-Mart has donated $800 in candy and other foods, Burke's Bakery is donating cookies, Food Lion is donating apples and oranges, we've had two anonymous donations that have totaled $1,200. ... Preston-Pruitt donated one of the tents we'll have set up. ... It's been amazing. I've not even had to sit on hold anywhere I've called. Cameron Mills Ministries accepted the invitation the day after I called them."

Pendegrist said her husband mentioned calling Mills, a former University of Kentucky basketball star, to come speak, and she took it on as a challenge.

"My husband knows I'm just crazy enough to try it. I did. And he's coming. Cameron Mills is coming to speak, we are just so excited."

Mills has made Christianity his life, Pendegrist said, and she knew that he worked through his ministry traveling and doing public speaking.

"Cameron loves the Lord with all his heart. That's all he wants to talk about."

Solid Rock Strength Team coming, too

In addition to Mills, Pendegrist has secured a group called the Solid Rock Strength Team, which she describes as "a group of muscle men who give their testimonies about Jesus, then bend iron skillets and break concrete blocks with their hands."

Among others will be Tony Perkins, an officer with Kentucky State Police and personal friend of Pendegrist's, who comes with his canine partner.

Jason Carpenter, a former evangelist who is now a pastor in Richmond, also will be on hand and has participated in many youth rallies.

"He (Carpenter) is a great one for the kids. He's a young guy and has been through some hard times. He will share with them how he got through it with his faith."

The event is free, but Berea Christian will take up donations so that they can donate money to the speakers for their travel expenses.

Pendegrist said no one is getting paid. "What we're giving them is not considered a 'fee' at all. I want to make sure that everyone realizes that this is a coming together and an act of God, and not for others to profit from it."

Directions will be posted to the Pendegrists' farm. The Little Sign Shop gave a significant discount on the large banners and many, many signs that will mark the route from various directions.

"So many people have opened their doors and their hearts to help us, and I couldn't have done it without my little angel, Mandy (Ryan) who is a member of our church's youth group.

God's opened a door for us and made all this happen. God does not just deserve only a Sunday, but every day we breath. We think that since we've planned this, many will come."

If You Go:

"Revival and Praise," the Youth RAP Festival, runs from 2-8 p.m. Saturday at 475 Whites Road, Perryville. Follow the signs. There is no charge.

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