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October 17, 2004

R.S. Martin of Junction City, proprietor of the tobacco manufacturing business there, has been honored with a gold medal awarded by the World's Fair Commission. His factory is one of the smallest of its kind in the country, yet its products have gained a worldwide reputation and output is increasing. Brodhead Twist is a leading brand that is known all over the country, but few people realize that is it made in Junction City. Other popular brands made by this company are Natural Leaf, Kolema Greenville and Silk Tip.

Unless there is rain within the next 10 or 12 days, the Danville Water Works plant will be compelled to close down and cut off all consumers. The supply at the river is lower than it has been for years. The water company has asked that consumers use as little water as possible. Knowing the condition of the river, the company recommends that all water used for drinking purposes be boiled. The supply that feeds that pipe at the Queen and Crescent depot had to be cut off and street sprinkling has been abandoned.


The board of trustees, principal and teachers of the Danville school system are trying to secure a piano to be used for the instruction of the pupils, especially in the primary grades. The piano would be used for calisthenics and drills. Anyone who can make a donation can give it to Ella Barker.

The senior class of Centre College gave a smoker to the freshman class. The freshmen were forced to provide their own entertainment. First, they were made to gather dry leaves, which were scattered around campus. Next, they made a bonfire out of them. After that, each freshman was held down over the smoke. Many of those present pronounced it as the most enjoyable event of the season.

75 years ago - 1929

The Danville High School Admiral squad faces a crucial test when they meet the Somerset Briar Jumpers in the annual encounter. The game will be played in the Centre stadium. A crowd of 1,500 or more is expected. Those on the Danville team are Vandenburg, Arnold, Gregory, Kidd, Jackson, Stewart, Prall, Hainesworth, Hampton, Guthrie, Sullivan, Wilkinson, May, Spoonamore, Capt. Foster, Hendren, Stigall, Hudson, Lane, Jackson, Scott, Griffith, Hignite and Murphy. Pre-season indications are that the Admirals will be woefully weak this year because nine regulars were lost to graduation.

The opening day at the Kentucky Fox Hunters Association field trials started with the registration of the hounds and annual horse show. The weather was extremely disappointing, but William Woodard, who had charge of the horse show, built his exhibition ring on a small plateau and the rains of the night and early morning improved the footing when the horse show started.

E.W. Cook, who is in charge of construction on Daniel Boone Lodge, says the new hotel at Camp Nelson will have 197 feet fronting the highway. It is surrounded by scenery of unsurpassed beauty. A great reservoir has been erected on Daniel Boone Hill, which towers several hundred feet above the buildings. The reservoir will supply water for the hotel. The three great wells used by the famous distillery will supply the reservoir. The dining room of the hotel will seat 200 people. There are 70 bedrooms, almost all with private baths. The building should be open early in 1930.

50 years ago - 1954

In a four-day screening program conducted in the five schools in Boyle County, Miss Charlotte Stephenson, dental health consultant for the state health department, gave exams to 1,543 pupils in grades 1-6. Three types of cards were given to the children depending on whether they had normal teeth or ones requiring dental care of abnormal conditions. Dr. E.M. Montgomery, a Danville dentist, is treating indigents who need dental care once a week at the Boyle County Health Department. The Danville Kiwanis Club is sponsoring the local dental program.

The 1954 valedictorian of the Centre College women's division and her 10-year-old brother flew to New York City to appear as guests on "The Big Payoff." This program is shown on the CBS network. Betty and Jerry Wayne Caswell, the children of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Caswell, received the trip through a contest in which Jerry Wayne's letter was judged the winner from thousands of entries. People entering the contest wrote letters explaining why they wanted to win prizes for members of their family. Jerry Wayne's letter emphasized that sister Betty always had found time to help him with his homework and play ball with him. She received several hundred dollars worth of clothes in prizes through the program.

Danville High School will crown its homecoming queen at the football game with Corbin. A dance, sponsored by the senior class, will follow the game. Queen candidates are Edythe Sims, Clara Cotham and Ruby Fairchild. As a pre-game event, a parade will be staged in downtown Danville. Queen candidates will ride in convertibles and the Danville band will perform.

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