Sandy's Simple Expressions offers inspirational gifts

October 18, 2004|GARY MOYERS

PERRYVILLE - The thread of faith is woven deep into one of Perryville's newest businesses.

Sandy's Simple Expressions, a Christian bookstore and inspirational gift shop, is the creative business outlet for owner Sandy Mattingly.

She said faith and the opportunity to serve as a witness drive her in the business.

"It's a way I can combine a retail business with witnessing," she said. "My husband (Tony) had never been too excited about any of my ideas for a new business before, but he was excited about this one.

"Faith is important to me," she said. "Everyone needs to hear more about God and Jesus, but never more than these days. It's especially important to give our children that kind of exposure, because there are so many bad things out there they see."

Mattingly said her family has contributed a great deal to the new business.

"My husband did a lot of the painting and built the shelves and counter for me," said Mattingly, who is a familiar face to the families in Perryville through her daily work at Perryville Elementary School's cafeteria. "My girls (Casey, 12, and Abby, 7) like to help out, too. And we're geared toward serving families, so I guess you could say we're a family business. My family has worked and sacrificed to help me do this."


It opened Sept. 25

Open since Sept. 25 at 215 E. Second St., the business is "simple, but its purpose of to simply serve Him," says Mattingly.

Items available at Sandy's Simple Expressions include Bibles, inspirational gifts, Christian novels and devotional books, prints, Christian T-shirts, ribbon magnets, Christian music, videos and DVDs.

"We also carry Sunday school supplies and idea books, church play books, and things like that, and we can order very quickly big ticket items that we don't carry in stock," said Mattingly.

Mattingly said the idea for Sandy's Simple Expressions was three years in the making.

"I've been looking for about three years for something I'd like to do on my own," she said. "I thought about a coffee shop, an old-fashioned ice cream parlor, something like that, but one Sunday morning in church the sermon gave me the idea. The sermon was about allowing yourself to be you, and it came to me that a Christian bookstore would be the best way to express myself."

Mattingly said she is confident Perryville can support a Christian bookstore.

"There is a need for a business like this here," she said. "Even if it's something as simple as a child needing a pencil after school, the little inspirational message on that pencil might trigger something in him or her.

"If we show those children the right way, and expose them to the right message, who knows?" she said. "I believe it will have a real positive effect."

Sandy's Simple Inspirations is open 1:30-6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Saturday. The phone number is (859) 332-7730.

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