Net Express: Learn how to be an 'Lraiser' for Linux

October 18, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

A new way to show your support for Linux has arrived via Lraiser (pronounced ELL-raiser) at The site, created by Linspire, was created to get Linux users inspired, and most importantly, to spread the word about Linux as an alternative operating system. features interactive, real-time lighted maps that display Linspire users all over the world. The visual map makes it a whole lot easier to see the impact Linux is having on the world. This method seems like a much better way to show the growth than just reading studies or articles that have been published in regards to it.

The site also features two ways for Linux users to recruit new Linux users. The first is by getting a friend or co-worker to purchase a Linux system (running Linspire or any other system running a Linux distribution). The second is by giving five or more people the Linspire tour via the LinspireLive CD.


The LinspireLive CD is a live Linspire operating system running on a bootable CD. It doesn't install any software to your hard drive, but it does offer a computer user a chance to experience the Linspire OS.

The two programs also offer nifty treats. For starters, all "Lraisers," as the recruiters are referred to, will have their names posted online. Also, all certified Lraisers - those who write in with a story and photos - will receive a free Lraiser T-shirt.

So c'mon, all you Linux users - especially those here in Kentucky - let's get our lights glowing on that map.

Coming soon: Transferring a Windows 2000 system to a new hard drive without losing licenses of protected music files that you have previously downloaded online.

Local ISP update

Word is that Searnet has closed its Danville office. I haven't been able to reach anyone to confirm yet. Anyone who has details, please drop me an e-mail.

Windows security update

The October update rollout of security patches has been released by Microsoft to fix more than 20 flaws. Six of the flaws were rated at critical, and among those were ones involving the Internet Explorer browser. Also, this time around, not all Mac users can say that they are worry-free because one of the flaws involves Excel for Mac users. Read all about the October Windows Security updates here. Be sure to visit both Windows Update and Office Update to make sure your Windows system is patched.

Free stuff

Starting Thursday, CNET is offering a free, five-lesson, online course to help you build your own ultimate gaming PC. Sign up now.

Net buzzz

Last week, Microsoft released the third and latest version of its Windows XP operating system: Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005. MCE 2005 turns a computer into a media center by combining the functions normally handled by a VCR, DVD, TV, TiVo and stereo, and combines them all with a computer.

One of the not so well known facts about Media Center is that the full version costs less than the other two Windows XP versions, at just under $140. MCE isn't available for upgrade, as it only comes available on pre-installed systems. However, home computer builders can buy it at places such as NewEgg. Read more about Microsoft Media Center Edition 2005.

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