Measures taken to improve school safety

October 21, 2004

Dear Editor:

During this week designated Safe Schools Week in Kentucky, we want to share measures being taken to improve safety in the Boyle County Schools.

* Boyle County Middle School will continue the Smart Moves curriculum and after-school fun club to supplement a proactive approach to helping young people make healthful decisions. Bate Middle School (in the Danville Independent school district) also will participate in this initiative through a new federal grant to continue school and community efforts launched under the Kentucky Incentives for Prevention program begun in 1999. A committee with representatives from both school districts, Family Resource and Youth Service Centers and the Boyle County Health Department meets this week to plan implementation of the grant.

* Clinical psychologist Pam Tamme is providing mental health services with the primary focus on counseling, bullying, anger management, crises management, threat assessment and suicide prevention.


* District behavioral consultant LuAnne Littlefield in consultation with teachers and principals designs interventions to address student safety and works directly with students when they are unable to continue in the classroom setting.

* The district safety committee representing all schools and district personnel is in the process of updating existing school safety plans to conform to the School-Centered Emergency Management and Recovery Guide provided through the Kentucky Community Crisis Response Board. A revised, condensed version of the district plan in the form of an emergency quick reference guide is being created for employees to ensure efficient response to a crisis.

* A transition committee of teachers and district personnel has been working on curriculum mapping and strategies to help students be successful in transition from eighth to ninth grade.

* Architects, board members and district personnel have designed new traffic patterns to separate buses from other traffic and to ease the peak transportation flow on the main campus. We hope to have a plan ready for construction as soon as possible.

* Automatic external defibrillators have been placed at each instructional site to enable quick response for cardiac arrest victims.

* Electric door locks at all schools require office personnel to visually approve visitor entrance during school hours.

* Recognizing National School Bus Safety Week also during this week, we would be proud to have anyone monitor radio conversations among bus drivers and with our transportation coordinators Mark Hoffman and Brandi Carpenter during morning and afternoon bus runs. Our drivers consult with supervisors for assistance to address potential hazards they encounter and always place student safety first in their work.

This overview does not cover all that we do to ensure safety, and all is not perfect, of course, but we remain focused on school safety throughout the year, every year, not simply during School Safety Week.

Pam Rogers, Superintendent

Boyle County Schools

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