Harrodsburg commission race is uncontested

October 25, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

The candidates for Harrodsburg City Commission won't be biting their nails come election night, the race is uncontested.

It's the first time in recent memory that there have been no challengers. The same goes for the Perryville City Council, Hustonville City Council, Garrard County Board of Education and several other area races.

The Kentucky League of Cities says half of the city elections in the state are uncontested this year.

The names will still be on the ballot, voters can cast their choice, but the winners are nearly guaranteed a spot. The incumbents were the only ones who filed for commissioner in Harrodsburg. They are Jack Springate, Kevin Perkins, Joseph Hood and Eddie Long.

Hood has a theory about why there are no challengers this year.

"We've done well together," he said of the current commission, which has been the same for several terms. "There are no controversies that I know of."


Hood won't be going door-to-door asking for votes or putting out signs.

"It's a pleasant change, but I enjoy the campaigning," he said, adding that his 12-year-old son was a little disappointed that there would be no campaigning this year.

"It is a nice situation," Hood said.

Commissioners are paid $845.54 a month, and the city pays for the commissioners' health insurance and half of their family coverage, just as it does for city employees.

Springate, who has served for 11 years, said that he does it because "it gets in your blood."

He said he is going to run an ad in the newspaper, but that he didn't plan to knock on doors to solicit votes.

"I hope people are satisfied with what we're doing and that's why we don't have opposition," he said. This election "won't be a nail-biter," he said.

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