Net Xpress: Call all the shots with the e-mails you send

October 25, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Have you ever sent an e-mail that you wished you could unsend, or perhaps you sent one with the wrong attachment or to the wrong person? If so, Bigstring has just what you need to right your wrongs.

Bigstring puts the control of your e-mails in your hands and out of the hands of the receiver. Using Bigstring, senders get to call all the shots when it comes to the e-mails they send. Among the available options Bigstring offers, the sender can decide whether or not an e-mail can be saved or whether the e-mail can be printed.

Bigstring has another magical trick up its sleeve - a "now you see it, now you don't" trick. The service lets its user create self-destructible e-mail that gives the sender the ability to determine how long an e-mail is accessible. It allows the sender to make the e-mail that is sent disappear right out of the receiver's e-mail box, even after the e-mail has already been read.


The service also can recall e-mails that you've sent. I guess that is where the string part of the name comes in. Give that e-mail the ole YANK! It also will let you edit e-mails that you've already sent and it will let you switch attachments on an e-mail you've already sent.

The Bigstring service is operated via a Web-based interface. It offers four levels of service. All accounts include the ability to send recallable e-mail, non-printable e-mail and send self-destructing pictures.

The free account also features 20 Bigstring e-mails per month and one megabyte of storage. The Bigstring Plus account at $12.95 per year also offers 300 Bigstring e-mails per month, the ability to send erasable e-mail, when opened report, the ability to disguise your e-mail to look like another account and 25 Megabytes of storage.

The BigString Premium account at $29.95 per year offers the additional features of unlimited Bigstring e-mails per month, 50 megabytes of storage and access to the service via your own e-mail client, such as Thunderbird or Outlook.

The Bigstring Business account requires a first-year fee of $180.40 (that is $12.95 per month plus a one-time setup fee of $25). With the business account, you get unlimited Bigstring e-mails per month, unlimited e-mail accounts, @ your domain name, 50 megabytes of storage and access via your own e-mail client.

You can sign up or learn more about Bigstring at

Local ISP update

I've finally obtained confirmation from the billing support phone number listed on Searnet's home page that the Danville office has indeed closed, as of Sept. 30.

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CNet Online courses

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Free stuff

The Computer Doctor, located at 236 Skywatch Drive, in the Kroger Center, has some old computer hardware available for free. If you are a tinkerer, stop by and check out the collection. Among the stack you will find old 486 systems of mostly IBM or Packard Bell brands and also some custom-built clones. Don't expect to find a complete system; however, some do have CD-ROM or floppy drives, minimal RAM and very small hard drives. They also have some keyboards available for the taking. The monitors in the stack are most likely dead. There is no limit, so first come, first served.

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