Thanks for article on 'Ms. Isabell'

October 26, 2004

Dear Editor:

Thank you for Herb Brock's wonderful article about Isabell Andrews. "Ms. Isabell" was one of the most wonderful group of people who were so supportive when a green, uninformed new lady on the block was hired to be the community developer of Boyle County in 1984. They took me under their wings and shared their vast knowledge and experiences that made me appreciate them even more. If we, as the great nation we are, cannot take care of our children, who are our future, and treasure our senior citizens, who are our past, then we have nothing. It is truly a blessing to be able to help Isabell and all those wonderful people who nurtured and took care of me in the past, as not many folks have the chance to return the kindness shown to them in the way that I'm able to in my job capacity.


On many occasions, I caught Ms. Isabell walking in the sweltering heat to and from Save-A-Lot and would promptly pick her up and take her home or wherever she needed to go, all the while enlisting a promise that she would not get out in the heat or cold again. This being said, she would smile her sweet smile and say "yes" to everything I asked, knowing full well she was going to do as she pleased because she enjoyed her little walks up town. She is but one of many that I adore and will miss when I do retire.

While I'm saying thank-you I might add a big thank you to the newspaper, as they have always been very supportive of me and my wonderful agency - The Bluegrass Community Action Agency. And how could I have ever made it through the last two years without my wonderful Flora Coulter Daugherty. Flo and I have a great time giving out the goody bags of cleaning supplies that two of the Baptist Young Women classes donate every month. Which is another big thank-you.

Well, as you can see, I could go on forever about the wonderful supportive people of Boyle County, but most of all I cherish those folks like Ms. Isabell who go out of their way to make the world a better place for everyone.

P.S. - Flora now takes Ms. Isabell where she needs to go and they have a great time on their outings.

Sherry Jo Carey

Community developer

Bluegrass Community Action Agency

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