Summer was real pain for Stockton

October 26, 2004|KENT BROWN

This summer was a real pain for University of Kentucky point guard Brandon Stockton.

In early June, the former Mr. Basketball from Glasgow High School broke a bone in his right wrist after colliding with a teammate during a pickup game in Lexington.

Stockton, a 5-9 junior, had surgery on June 17, keeping him off the basketball court until August.

He had dealt with minor injuries before, but this was his first serious one. He found it tough to deal with, at times.

"It was real frustrating this summer, sitting on the sidelines, watching the guys play," he said.

Though the wrist had healed by the time school started in August, Stockton still had some catching up to do with his conditioning.


"I did what I could to stay in shape while I was waiting to play again, but I picked up a few pounds," he said.

He lost 10 pounds during preseason conditioning and felt like he was back in shape when he suffered another setback. On Oct. 20, he passed a kidney stone.

Still groggy two days after the stone passed, Stockton was unsure how long his recovery would be.

He did know, however, that with a bevy of talented guards - Patrick Sparks, Rajon Rondo, Ramel Bradley, Ravi Moss and Joe Crawford - on UK's roster, his medical misfortunes are making things tough on him.

"It was not the best timing for me," said Stockton, who played in 23 games as a sophomore, including an eight-point, 19-minute performance against Louisville.

He was going to work on his shooting and ballhandling while in Lexington this summer before the wrist injury changed his plans. His free throw shooting at UK has been outstanding, though he has not had that much of a chance to display it. He's 16-for-18 for his career, including 6-for-7 last year.

Editor's Note: The Advocate Messenger's preseason look at the University of Kentucky basketball team and its players will be in this Friday's edition.

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