Thanks for supporting KSD soccer team

October 27, 2004

Dear Editor:

On behalf of the KSD soccer team, we the captains would like to thank three important people for our soccer program.

First, John Davis, our volunteer assistant coach. Mr. Davis has given his time to coach for over a hundred hours a year for two years. We truly appreciate his coaching to make us better players and persons. Because of him, our team has really improved.

Second, Jeb Burch, Centre soccer coach. Mr. Burch invited 10 players to his soccer camp at Centre for a week. Also coach Burch showed us some basic skill drills. We used them everyday to improve our team's skills in soccer.


Third, Steve Becker at the Toy Box Deli had us as guests for our awards party. We really enjoyed his restaurant.

Thank you for your support of the KSD soccer team.

Roderick Hodge

Drew Meade

KSD soccer team captains

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