Stand on health insurance 'very definite'

October 27, 2004

Dear Editor:

I have a concern regarding the coverage of the candidates forum that was held Oct. 19 at the high school.

It was reported that "all the candidates seemed to be put on the spot when they were asked if they believe commissioners and their families should be offered health insurance coverage."

To imply that we were all "put on the spot" with this question is just not factual. I was very firm and was very definite where I stand on this issue. I was the only candidate who said that, historically, part-time workers do not receive fully paid health insurance.

In addition, I suggested that benefits such as health insurance for city workers should not be greater than those available to workers in the private sector. I pointed out that many workers in Danville have no insurance provided or must contribute to the cost of their plans. I also cited that at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center, Danville's largest employer, workers contribute to the cost of their insurance coverage.


It is my opinion that it is not fair to expect the taxpayers of our community to provide benefits to city government workers that exceed the benefits that are commonly available within the private sector.

Gordon Howe

Candidate for city commission


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