Kerry hoping Americans aren't paying attention

October 28, 2004

Dear Editor:

Sen. John Kerry - the Republican? In order to win votes, Kerry's latest shift has been to claim Republican positions. A few weeks ago, Kerry's position on Iraq was a time frame for getting the troops out, now his position is a Republican position: to win the war on terrorism and kill the terrorists. While Kerry's 20-plus year record in the Senate is to raise taxes and increase government bureaucracy, now he says he wants (again a Republican position) to cut taxes for the middle class. What will Kerry's positions be next week?

What's even more troubling about the Kerry/Edwards ticket than the flip-flopping, are the blatant and apparently intentional dishonesty and shameless demagoguery. For both Kerry and Edwards on different occasions to mention to a national audience that one of their opponent's daughters is a lesbian goes beyond the bounds of good taste and appropriate behavior.

John Edwards has even said that the late Christopher Reeve could have walked again had it not been for President Bush's "ban" on stem cell research. Never mind the truth, that there is no ban, and that President Bush is the first president ever to provide for federal funding for stem cell research.


In foreign policy, Kerry has also been having it both ways. When talking with a Palestinian reporter, Kerry called the security barrier "a barrier to peace" but when talking with the Israeli press he said he understood Israel's need for security.

Kerry has called Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi "a puppet." Question: How is Kerry going to build his global coalition for which he has a "plan" when any plan would require recruiting support for a "puppet?"

How can Americans believe Kerry could be commander-in-chief when he has publicly criticized his fellow soldiers after the Vietnam War while American POWs were still being held?

Kerry's only hope for winning the presidency is that Americans are not paying attention to the things Kerry has said in the past. America are you paying attention?

Eben David Henson


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