Not necessarily the smooth talkers who get the job done

October 28, 2004

Dear Editor:

I remember the terrible drought of the 1930s that followed the 1929 stock market crash. I am finding it very difficult to believe these are hard times. New homes are being buillt all around us that are larger and better then before.

My neighbors and I seem to have adequate medical care. Drugs are a problem for those who do not have drug coverage (we are among them). The new drugs that doctors recommend are usually very expensive, but the government has started a plan that appears to be helpful to low-income individuals and families and is designed to grow during the next few years.

I am not saying people do not have problems today. We should help people through their serious crises. But I believe it should be a local issue. This allows for individual tailoring of the problem, instead of one size fits all.


Regarding President George W.Bush, I will be voting for him. He is certainly not as polished as John Kerry, and I like that. I have voted for many politicians, and I know it is not necessarily the smooth, polished talkers who get the job done.

I believe the president made the right decision in carrying the fight to the enemies' home territory. Our nation is vulnerable in a thousand ways. If we can strip them of their financing and weapons, we will be somewhat safe.

An important reason the terrorists hate America is because we are exporting sensual material. They are generally conservative, and they hate this invasion of their society. In this country, we have been gradually immersed in TV and video sex. The producers of this junk are making a big fuss about the war in which they may share a great part of the blame. Some people will do anything for the almighty dollar.

The terrorists have stepped up their fighting in Iraq at this time to influence our presidential election. We must not allow them to win.

I will put my trust in George W. Bush - not John Kerry or a messed up United Nations.

Leonard F. Stuart


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