Family Worship Center offers 'The Experience' for Halloween

October 29, 2004

HARRODSBURG - The Rev. Jay Adkins of the Family Worship Center in Harrodsburg thinks that life is the scariest thing around.

"Reality - the reality that death happens and no one plans it. That's way scarier than science fiction or chain saws."

He has a point.

"The Experience" opens tonight at the Family Worship Center on U.S Hwy 127, and could be seen as an alternative to a Haunted House.

Adkins was only able to sleep 30 minutes Wednesday night due to tying up loose ends.

The huge space that was the Harrodsburg Ford Building has been transformed in only a week into a guided reality tour.


He goes from room to room with a sense of purpose and excitement. It's not necessary to ask who the brainchild behind this one is.

"I've been wanting to do something like this for a long time, so I guess I've had this all mentally played out for a while. But there's no one here at the Center that hasn't participated. We just don't have a congregation like that. Everyone's here for a reason."

Adkins says at least 35 people have devoted their time and effort into making sure The Experience happens.

What The Experience is may be just that - something you have to experience for yourself.

There are four rooms that visitors will be guided through in groups of 20 at a time, including the "waiting room" at the entrance.

Adkins has arranged for a wrecked car to be brought in and representatives from the local D.A.R.E program will be talking with the crowd about the dangers of drunk driving.

Beginning can fool you

Don't let the subdued beginning fool you.

The first room is pitch black and, not unlike the rest of the building, awfully eerie. Of course the black plastic covering the walls does help create a certain ambiance that seems to stick throughout the tour.

"This room will raise some awareness that life is a choice, and how you live it will dictate what happens to you after you die," Adkins explains.

The theatrics of this room are inspired by the life of Kenneth Haggin, the founder of the Bible school Adkins attended in Oklahoma.

As a piece Haggin's life is played out in front of the seated guests, an actual audio recording of Haggin when he was 85 years old narrates the action.

"We really did our best to stay away from 'cheesy.' We wanted it to be scary enough to get their attention, but this has a purpose to it."

Adkins also includes a segment about a 16-year-old family member who was killed in a car accident.

Watching the video of the news coverage of the accident in W. Va. in which his cousin died brings an eerie feeling.

"I'm hoping that this will hit home with people who may've not had anyone close to them die like this. Maybe we can 'scare' kids into realizing that no one plans to die like this, but it can happen to you. Good people die. I really want to get a message about driving safely out there."

Walking into the complete unknown may be the best way to describe the room that concludes The Experience.

"There is a sensational factor, sure. But I really think this will be a life-changing experience for so many that come. So many times we hear things told to us about God and what to do to live your life right, and we forget about them. This experience, well, let's just say I don't think people will be able to brush it off as easily. I'd say it'll stick with them."

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