Which candidate will make some new 'firsts'?

October 29, 2004

Dear Editor:

As a new arrival about to cast my first ballot in Danville I found the recent Advocate questions of candidates useful. However, I have a few questions myself.

I'm dismayed to find no candidate has voiced a vision for the future of Danville. Does any candidate have one?

Is the future of downtown Main Street a medical center or and old-timey office park like now? Or is there a candidate who will bring pedestrian vibrancy, plus commercial and cultural life, to the town center?

Does any candidate plan to remove truck trailers from residential neighborhoods to a northern bypass where they belong?

Are all the candidates happy food-shopping at Wal-Mart, or is there a candidate who believes Danvillians deserve choice?

In this City of Firsts, which candidates will make some new ones?

Eric James


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