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October 31, 2004

Several Halloween merrymakers were placed in an embarrassing position while trying to play a joke on a local merchant. The merchant lives in Harding Flats on Fourth Street. The boys placed a ladder at the rear of the house and climbed to the roof to place some giant firecrackers there. When they reached the roof, the merchant was awakened. He slipped outside and stole the ladder, leaving the boys to get off the roof as best they could. The merrymakers were gone in the morning, but how they made their escape is a mystery.

Ben Schenes, the 15-year-old pin boy at Manhattan Alleys, broke a record by making 233. This youngster has shown remarkable skill in the past two months and has said on several occasions that he would break the record. He does not weigh more than 105 pounds, but handles the large balls with ease. His regular duty is to set the pins.


Extensive arrangements have been completed by the committee in charge of unveiling a monument erected at the state cemetery at Frankfort. The monument will be at the grave of Capt. Ed Porter Thompson, historian of the famous Orphan Brigade. The brigade was made up of Kentucky Infantry during the Civil War with two batteries of artillery. Judge R.J. Breckinridge of Danville is the only survivor of the brigade living in Boyle County.

Professor John Bosley and his wife and Miss Fiora Bryson of the Stanford High School chaperoned a large group of high school students at Centre College. The pupils were entertained with lectures on physics by Professors Chase Palmer and C.M. Gordon. Those in the party were Sarah Dunn, Mary Burch, Ida Moore, LeGrande Jones, Mattie McClary, Fred Cook, J. Vanarsdale, Robert Waters, James Newland, Hubert Carpenter and Beverly Rout. The plan of allowing high school students to visit the college is to induce them to attend Centre College.

The best display of quality Jerseys ever seen in Boyle County will be exhibited when an excellent list of consignments come in at Farmers Tobacco Warehouse. There will be 34 head, 28 of them females and six of them bred and born on the Island of Jersey. The sale will be a demonstration of great management with Chester Folck, the manager, and Walter Andrews as auctioneer.

Mike Perros, manager of the City Restaurant, returned to Danville after an extended visit to his native country, Greece. He gained several pounds on his voyage and is hardly recognizable. He expresses extreme pleasure to be back in Danville where he is being warmly welcomed.

William Martin was elected president of the senior class at Centre College at a meeting of that group after chapel. He was selected over Charles Caldwell. Other senior class officers are: Devan Pratt, vice president; Ivan Kelley, secretary; and Charles Richardson, treasurer. Martin, who is from Carlisle, is one of the most popular members of the student body. He is a member of Kappa Alpha fraternity, the English Club and the "C" Club.

One stroke from the rear tip of a pencil and a 35-year-old tradition was erased and supplanted by a lot of compliments and merry ha-ha's. The Centre College Colonels were rubbed off the University of Kentucky 1930 football schedule. State's sudden inheritance of fame is given as the cause despite the fact that the men who make the Wildcats' schedule say it is a matter of general athletic policy.

A new type of schedule that started this year at Danville High School is proving successful. The size of the study halls has been decreased from 120 to 40 students. The school library is being used as such instead of as an overflow of study hall. With fewer and longer class periods per day, there are fewer bells and less disturbance. There are fewer tardies because the first meeting is a regular class instead of a homeroom period.

Oath of voter forms were signed by 102 voters in Boyle County. All but one were signed in Precinct 16, formerly Smith Street. On the form, the voter claims to be at least 21 and have lived in the state long enough to be an eligible voter. Some of the oldest voters on Smith Street had to sign the forms on election day, but it was a mistake. Law requires voters to sign a voter registration book for the purpose of comparing signatures. Through error, the book was not used on Smith Street and the oaths were used instead.

Marcus Underwood, member of the Junction City 4-H club and son of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Underwood, took top honors at the annual Boyle County 4-H Baby Beef Show at the Farmers Tobacco Warehouse. Parley Roller of Forkland won first place in the ring for the best two calves exhibited by the same 4-H family. Parley also took second and third place in the single calf division. Eleven dairy cows also were exhibited with Tom Prall of Parksville 4-H club taking the championship.

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