Kerry and Edwards are our only hope

October 31, 2004

Dear Editor:

George W. Bush is the wrong choice to lead our country for another four years.

His administration has failed America on the domestic front and his foreign policy has alienated America and put us in more danger than ever. We simply cannot afford four more years of the Bush Doctrine. His tax cuts have not benefited the middle class, and we continue to see dramatic job loss and economic woes being put upon our citizens.

John Kerry offers a new vision and hope for America. He will provide the sound and responsible leadership we need, and he will work with our allies that Bush has alienated to bring a real coalition to restructure Iraq. America cannot shoulder the total cost of Iraq and only by bringing our former allies back to the table can we accomplish our objectives.

George W. Bush has failed America, and we simply cannot afford more failures. I urge all voters to look at the issues and who has the best plan for America. John Kerry will get us the jobs we need and the health insurance and he will not play up to big drug companies or oil groups.


America is not better off now than we were four years ago, and it shows. President Kennedy said, "We all have a basic common link. We all share this small planet, we all breath the same air, we all cherish our children's futures and we are all mortal." These words are never more true than today.

I proudly support John Kerry and will vote for him as president. Only by bringing America together and not alienating anyone can we truly be a country of the people, by the people and for the people.

John Kerry and John Edwards are our only hope.

Ken Griffin


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