Bush's policies more like 'culture of death'

October 31, 2004

Dear Editor:

In response to Richard Reecher's letter, President Bush professes great interest in promoting a "culture of life." Does it begin when a sperm randomly hooks up with an egg If so, when does his desire to promote a culture of life end? At birth?

Is this a "culture of life"?

1. Adding millions of children to our poverty rolls during his presidency?

2. Sending American youth to invade a far-off land, where they are not welcome, to be killed by the thousands, and counting?

3. Bomb, plunder, and occupy a poor, defenseless, third -world country, killing tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi women and children?


4. Setting an all-time Texas governor record for sending folks to the electric chair, without first giving DNA a chance ot prove their innocence?

5. Begin his term with a fever to go to war before there was any kind of provocation, before 9/11, and then wage that war against the non-attacking country?

WWJD? What we do know is that Jesus would not have been an instrument to any of the foregoing. No, those policies are more akin to "culture of death" than they are to a "culture of life." Our "Christian" president - imagine that!.

WWJD regarding homosexuality? Evidently, he did not consider that behavior sufficiently important to ever mention it in his teachings. Not once in four entire Gospels.

What would Jesus think regarding two adults in a committed, loving, monogamous relationship? Jesus would edify them irrespective of whether they were heterosexual or homosexual. Nowhere does the Bible specifically contradict that belief.

This is what Jesus would not edify: Pederasty, a widely practiced Greek custom, at that time, of sexual relations between man and boy; pedophilia, sexual exploitation of children by adults; violent anal sex. WWJD? I believe he would strongly oppose those three specific activities, condemned in the Bible - vile as they are - as strongly as you oppose gay folks having the same rights as straight folks.

Ken Kleffman


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