Elect people with commitment to service

October 31, 2004

Dear Editor:

Election day offers the people of this community an opportunity not only to exercise a sacred constitutional right but to validate what it means to be a genuine public servant, by electing individuals who truly have demonstrated by their public and private careers a real and "broad-based" commitment to public service.

Dr. Daniel Mongiardo is a proven dedicated physician who really knows health-care issues and who has chosen also to serve the public interest. He has been the victim of one of the most malicious negative campaigns I have ever witnessed. He's a good man whom I hope you reward for his positive campaign about real issues.

U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler, quite frankly, is one of the most courageous public officials I have ever had the pleasure to serve with or to observe on the public scene in this commonwealth. Time after time he has acted in the public interest rather than for his own political interest. I admire him greatly and urge you to re-elect him to Congress so he may continue to serve us with distinction.


David Sparrow as much as any candidate meets the test of genuine public servant. He has devoted a lifetime to serving this community as 4-H agent and county extension agent. He has devoted a colossal amount of his personal time to serve the Chamber of Commerce and the Community Development Council, not to mention his commitment to his church as a Sunday school teacher for high school age kids for over 30 years.

He has, in recent years, worked with the Kentucky General Assembly on behalf of the UK College of Agriculture. He knows the leaders, the members, and how the legislature works.

We are fortunate to have such a committed and qualified individual offer himself to public service.

I urge you to elect David Sparrow state representative for our 54th District, re-elect our fine congressman Ben Chandler and send Dr. Dan Mongiardo to Washington to help this team serve our commonwealth.

Tony Wilder

Boyle County Judge-Executive

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