Grave concerns about Kerry

October 31, 2004

Dear Editor:

My mother was a Democrat and my father was a Republican. That, and being anAmerican, is why I listen to both sides carefully before deciding my vote.

I have grave concerns about Kerry. I understand that Bush has made some mistakes. Kerry however, spoke before Congress about atrocities the Americans committed and this was broadcast on radio stations internationally. The American prisoners in Vietnam were tortured more as a direct result of his speech.

Kerry knocked Bush for not serving during the war, when Bush was in the National Guard. The National Guard serves a vital purpose and during WWII, there were many National Guard soldiers in the famous Death March.


Kerry voted to allow the president to enter Iraq, then voted against funding to arm them. He also voted against the weapons used in the Gulf War and the present conflict.

Kerry says he is going to the raise minimum wage, which makes me wonder why he wants our companies to go overseas. We have enough problems competing with the rest of the world now without raising the minimum wage.

Kerry showed up to vote less than 25 percent of the time in the Senate. I think he should have been removed. If Kerry is elected will he be a 25 percent president?

A last thought, I believe the people of Iraq feel like the British did during WWII. They needed us but resented the necessity. I believe the people of Iraq are afraid if Kerry becomes president that the U.S. will withdraw.

Boone Brown


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