Crab Orchard annexation fails

November 03, 2004|EMILY BURTON

CRAB ORCHARD - City annexation has struck out in Crab Orchard.

After months of waiting for a proposed city annexation to be decided by voters, the measure was defeated Tuesday 28 to 7.

Mayor Mike Ramey said he is disappointed but hopes the city will try again in maybe five years.

By that point, the proposed reconstruction of U.S. 150 will link the city to much-needed industry and tourist traffic, he hopes, and voters may see the need to plan for growth around the city.

The city had hoped to annex property along William Whitley Road, Ky. 1776 and U.S. 150.

With the new Cedar Creek Lake, Amish stores and a growing industrial front, Ramey and City Commission members said including the prime real estate in the city limits was a vote for Crab Orchard's future.


Billy Shelton, whose land was included in the proposed annexation area, said he had hoped the measure would pass. The annexation would have brought more police and fire protection and sewer lines, said Shelton.

"For me, being within 200 feet of city limits, if I call police, I can't get them. I have to call Stanford, to the sheriff's department," Shelton said.

Having the addition of city services would not only protect his home but also would have increased his property value, he added.

"I'd like to see it on the ballot again," said Shelton.

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