RECT presents holiday comedy

November 07, 2004|JENNIFER BRUMMETT

HARRODSBURG - To open the holiday season, Ragged Edge Community Theater will present a comedy, "Greetings!" by Tom Dudzick.

Director Gary McCormick describes the play as "a delightful comedy that makes each of us examine why we have faith - or lack of - and how that affects the way we live our lives."

"The playwright uses Christmas as the focal point to take inside the Gorsky family," he explains, "an Archie Bunker-type mom and dad, a rebellious son, his new fiance, and their very special son, Mickey, who is handicapped. We see their flaws and their struggles and, in the end, their love for one another. It is a great holiday season show.

"'Greetings' is a wonderful comedy that is a bit sneaky. The play is rolling along and suddenly the audience begins to see and hear questions about spirituality. Why do people feel the way they do about faith or lack of faith? The play shows how events that happen in our lives can have an impact on our faith. With faith comes love, and that is the glue that holds families together no matter what. This is definitely a comedy that will make you laugh but it will also touch you with it's sentiment."


The cast includes Walter Eng as Andy; David Ross as Phil; Kathy Jones as Randi; Andrew Leckie as Mickey; and Sheila Miller as Emily.

Working with the role of Mickey has provided required just a bit of extra effort, McCormick notes.

"First, you must be sensitive to treating this character with dignity as you would with any person that suffers from a disability or handicap," he explains. "Second, we had do our homework and learn about mental and motor function limitations that this character would have. We found certain physical actions that the actor could key in on to help him with this role."

When asked how "Greetings!" has challenged him as a director, McCormick says, "To make the characters real."

"Since it is a comedy, the actors have to play it straight - real - and not try to force the laughs. There are so many laugh lines in the play, you have to be careful and not overplay it. The other challenge is that the central character is a 31-year-old handicapped man that has the IQ of a 3-year child."

Play-goers should find all the characters and their stories appealing, McCormick adds.

"They will love the characters. They will laugh and enjoy the story that unfolds. It is the perfect show as we approach the holiday season."

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