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November 07, 2004

Every owner of a gun and dog in the country is awaiting when the state law for killing quail and rabbits expires. The new law has done much to prohibit the killing of game out of season and hunters say the supply is way above the average.

Henry Burrows, the umbrella repairer familiarly known as "Pap," walked into Danville from Harrodsburg. He says he is the luckiest man on earth because he is the only umbrella repairer who brings rain with him when he hits town. He has stayed busy fixing broken umbrellas.

At this season of the year when the housekeepers are clearing their attics and the poor are needing the comforts of life, is it not better to sell items at a small cost than patronize by giving? A sale of used items will be held. Ladies look over home and send items, no matter how homely or commonplace, to the home of Mrs. Gashwiler. She will care for the items until the sale.


D.I. Bell, postmaster at Faulconer, said the last two bridges on the Southern extension are nearing completion. The bridges are made of concrete. Capt. Trotter, who has been head of the force, has been sick with typhoid fever and is in serious condition in a boardinghouse at Harrodsburg. His illness is not delaying the work.

75 years ago - 1929

An Armistice Day program will be held at the Christian Church. The local post of the American Legion and the Legion's auxiliary are sponsoring the program. A dinner will be held in the basement of the church for Legion members, their wives, sweethearts, mothers and sisters. The price of tickets is 75 cents.

R. Kaufman, George Moon, Guy E., J.E. and H.W. Wiseman, members of the department store firm of Welsh-Wiseman Co., have completed an attractive clubhouse on Herrington Lake. The house is located on the R.W. Gwinn place, four miles from Danville on the Shakertown Pike. The two-story house with a basement has four bedrooms, a large living room and porches. Electric lights have been installed and a cistern provides the water. The owners have chosen the name of Wimoka, which is the first two letters in each of their last names. The Gwinn place is one of the most convenient and beautiful on the lake. A gravel road is being built to the club and lots are for sale.

A 14-year-old boy from Dunnville is in the Danville Hospital suffering with a broken thigh and several cuts on his head. Woodrow Dameron was struck by a taxi cab driven by Woody Sheene at Fourth and Main streets. The boy is expected to recover. After he was struck, he was taken to Dr. E.G. Guttery's office.

Members of the new city council will meet to select officers for work in the various departments. Among the new officers are the mayor, city attorney, city clerk, police judge, chief of police, tax collector, city assessor and day and night policemen. The superintendent of the waterworks won't be re-elected until May. The new council will be R.G. Wilmott, Frank West, Elmer Stephens, Reuben West, T.F. Durham, George McRoberts, Arch Frye, R.A. Lipps, J.T. Parks, E.P. Faulconer Jr., the Rev. J.E. Wood and James Doneghy.

50 years ago - 1954

Three houses in Boyle County were destroyed and two were damaged in five separate fires that broke out in various areas of Boyle County. Chief Alex Upton of the Danville Fire Department went to the scenes to investigate and asked for a follow-up by the arson squad. Four of the buildings had been unoccupied for long periods of time. One of the fires was on Alum Springs Road and another was on Stewart's Lane.

The sum of $326, earmarked for the Danville band's uniforms, was raised through a benefit piano concert presented by Mrs. M. Carlisle Minor and Mrs. Marshall Isham. The concert was given in the auditorium of Jennie Rogers Elementary School. The event drew about 350 people.

The seventh annual air auction of the Danville Lions Club got off to a good start. It appeared that everything was sellable from a big, fat cow to four loaves of light bread. Many more items will be sold, including a quantity of hog feed, meal tickets, shrubs, football tickets and milk. Funds raised are used for charitable projects in the community.

The new charter of Cub Scout Pack No. 56 was presented by Byron F. Pennebaker, assistant Scout executive at headquarters of the Blue Grass Council in Lexington. He presented the charter in a meeting held in Centenary Methodist Church with 133 boys present. Fred Wilder, Cub Scoutmaster, said that $157 was cleared on a recent chili supper put on the by troop. Members of Cub Scout Pack No. 56 will start to collect toys for underprivileged children. The toys will be turned over to the Danville Fire Department.

The highlight of the Perryville homecoming was the crowning of the queen and king. Queen Ruby Yankey and King Billy King were crowned in the school auditorium. Perryville's football team defeated Berea 69-19. Those on the court were Mary Helen Hundley, Regina Graham, Henry Bonta and Godbey Hundley Jr.

25 years ago - 1979

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