Around Town: Three of a kind

November 08, 2004|ANNABEL GIRARD

Sunday was a special day for three Boyle County women.

Debbie Morris said that as a young girl she met a fellow camper who had been born on the same day and year. But until this year, that was the only person she had known who shared her birth date.

She celebrated Sunday knowing that two of her friends were celebrating as well. Connie Cooper and Mary Belle Belcher each live within two miles of Morris in the Parksville area. But it wasn't until a recent conversation that they learned they shared a common day.

Just like Morris, Belcher and Cooper had wondered why they didn't know people who shared their birthday. Imagine the surprise when the three found they shared the same day.


Nov. 7 was even more special this year since each has a milestone birthday: Cooper turns 40, Morris is 45 and Belcher reaches 50.

Lancaster woman profiled in state publication

Pat Ballard of Lancaster is profiled in the latest issue of KLC Direct, a publication of the Kentucky League of Cities.

"The Power of One" talks about her many efforts to improve her community, including spearheading the move to get 100 properties on the National Register of Historic Places, co-authoring a book about Garrard County and helping renovate the abandoned jail into a museum.

Her vision has included renovating an old building for a library and genealogical records center and raising the money to save the Governor William Owsley House from demolition and then renovate it.

"Every community has one," the article said.

In saluting Ballard, the article also issues a challenge: "Will you be the one?"

New gavel stays that way

It appears that Casey County Judge-Executive Ronald Wright's new gavel may never get used.

Just before last week's Casey Fiscal Court meeting started, he realized he had forgotten it. The gavel was a present on Bosses Day, Oct. 16, from deputy Judy Allen and County Treasurer Danea Carman.

Allen was dispatched to bring the forgotten gavel to the meeting. Then Wright expressed concern about gaveling the meeting to order because it might make too much noise in the confines of the courtroom.

When the meeting ending, the gavel with its shiny brass plate was unscathed. Wright, with some help, got the still brand-new gavel carefully placed back in its box.

The gavel was then carried back for safe keeping.

"Someone might get it," Wright said.

Ilina in arts magazine

Local artist Irina Ilina is profiled in the Winter 2005 issue of Arts Across Kentucky.

"Painting the Music of the Universe" tells about her early life in Russia, her life-long desire to be an artist and her adventuresome youth. Once, wanting to fly, she jumped out a second-floor window holding an open umbrella. While she recuperated from the broken leg, her grandmother provided her with art materials.

The article talks about her various type of paintings. One of Ilina's commissions was from a composer who asked her to "paint my music."

She will have exhibit from Nov. 28-Dec. 26 at Christ Church Cathedral in Lexington.

The article was done by local writer Sherron W. Twitchell. Her writing has appeared in a previous issue of the magazine and in a variety of magazines, newspapers and newsletters.

Hanklas on KET1

It continues to be rerun season for KET's "Kentucky Life."

At 4:30 this afternoon, viewers can see the program on the dinosaur bone collection of father and son Jack and John Hankla. The program will be on KET1.

Host David Shuffett gets to help take down a full-sized T-Rex after an exhibit closed at the Norton Center for the Arts on the Centre College campus.

Random Act of Kindness

The shopper had debated the flavors of yogurt at TCBY. The choices were made. He reached into his pocket and found he had only $4.50. The bill was $5.07.

While he was in line he had noticed a young woman in her mid-20s. When he came up short, she reached in her pocket and gave him $1. He tried to decline. She urged him to take the money he needed. She had been the recipient of a random act of kindness. "Someone blessed me today," she said.

Giving him $1 was her way of passing that kindness along.

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