Boyle ends 'comp' time, gives treasurer raise

November 08, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Boyle County Fiscal Court has stopped giving its exempt employees compensatory time for the overtime they work.

Magistrates were split over how to handle the number of hours accumulated by Treasurer Mary Lynn. They decided to increase her work week from 32.5 hours to 40, and increase her salary $8,500 a year for the extra hours.

The state Department of Labor has told the county that it couldn't offer "comp" time, even though the exempt employees signed an agreement with the county that says they will accept time off instead of overtime pay.

Exempt employees are those with administrative and supervisory duties. The Fiscal Court has encouraged exempt employees to use up the time they've already accumulated.


Lynn has more than 1,000 hours. She, like all the courthouse employees, was on a 32.5-hour work week. But, her job requires her to work nights and weekends.

Judge-Executive Tony Wilder said because she was salaried and doesn't fill out time sheets that he didn't realize she had so many hours. If the court were to pay her for those hours it would cost $20,000.

Instead the court voted 6-2 to adjust her work week to 40 hours and her salary to match her new hours. Her salary was $40,500 a year, and has been increased to $49,000. Wilder said the other option was to hire a part-time employee to help, and that would have cost the county about $10,000.

Magistrates Phil Sammons and John Hudson voted against the change.

Wilder said that Lynn does more than most treasurers in the state. She was named deputy judge-executive, which means in Wilder's absence she will take care of his administrative duties. She also supervises the finance department.

Sammons said that although he thinks Lynn does a "great job," he didn't support giving her more money or more duties.

"I'm not going to cry wolf that we are in a financial crunch and then turn around and give someone a $9,000 raise," he said.

None of the other exempt employees' salaries were adjusted. They all already work 40 hours a week. Lynn was the only employee whose hours were increased.

"I represent the people of Boyle County and I don't believe in tax and spend," Sammons said. "I believe in cutting and watching every dime you spend."

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