Casey buys Gate Way Park for $1 from church

November 09, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - Gate Way Park and more than eight acres along Green River will soon be back in the hands of Casey Fiscal Court.

Magistrates agreed Monday to accept an offer from The Roman Catholic Bishop of Louisville and passed a resolution to use the property for the "common good and general welfare of Casey County, subject to the terms, conditions and restrictions" proposed by the bishop.

"The park is a great asset to the community and we want to see it continue to be," said Judge-Executive Ronald Wright. "Most everyone is positive about the park, and we need to keep it going."

Wright said work needs to be done to the community center and some other repairs need to be addressed.

"I don't see any major changes in the park at this time," he said.

The property will cost the county $1. It will be used exclusively for the community and "will provide a public center for recreation, education and the arts in a non-discriminating fashion for all members of the community," according to the agreement.


The agreement signed by Fiscal Court members states that no political rallies or campaigns, religious services, pro-choice and/or pro-life rallies or campaigns can be conducted on the Gate Way Park property.

The property will be for the "exclusive use of recreational-related activities for the common good of the community and not otherwise."

Wright said he expects the documents between the bishop and the county to be completed in about a week.

The county held a 20-year lease on the park that expired last year.

During that time, a community center; tennis, baseball and softball courts and playground equipment were put in place.

The park went back to the Roman Catholic Bishop after the bishop and Fiscal Court could not agree on some changes. Since early spring, the church had been operating the park.

When the county takes possession of the property, a new board will be named.

"It was a nice gesture on their part (the bishop), and the community really appreciates it," said Wright.

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