With Eddie Montgomery

Q & A

November 14, 2004

Country music singer Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry loves Kentucky athletics and shares his thoughts in a question-and-answer with sports editor Larry Vaught:

1. How do you keep up with the Kentucky football and basketball teams?

"I talk to people back home all the time. I read The Advocate-Messenger. Any way I can find to get information, I do it. We watch the games on satellite if we are not working. If the bus is not parked where the satellite will pick up the games, then we move the bus to where we can watch."

2. How much trash talk is there between performers about college athletics?

"It's unbelievable when it comes to that. We have so many artists from different states, and they all think their team is the best. Toby Keith is a big Oklahoma fan. Chad Brock loves Florida, and comes out all the time wearing Florida's colors. Kenny Chesney is a big Tennessee guy. It gets down and dirty when it comes to that. It's friendly, but spirited.


"They all get on me about Kentucky basketball getting back for what happens in football. But I hope that changes soon so I can rub it in their faces when we beat them in football, too. I love football and I've taken a lot of grief from a lot of guys for a long time over that, especially those guys from Tennessee. They rag on me all the time during football. I'm ready to kick some butt. That's at the top of my Christmas wish list."

3. Who is your favorite Wildcat of all-time?

"That's hard because I have so many. I'm a big (Rex) Chapman fan. I loved Derek Abney. Richie Farmer is a great friend. I remember watching Ronnie Lyons when I was a kid. Just about anybody that puts on the blue and white is my favorite. There's Craig Yeast. I wear a (Tim) Couch jersey all the time and we keep in touch. Anybody that wears those Kentucky colors is welcome in my house, or tour bus, any time. I love them all."

4. What is your favorite UK memory?

"I remember going to Danville High School when Rick Robey and Mike Phillips came there for a barnstorming game after they won the 1978 national championship. I thought having them at my school was bigger than life. Jack Givens and James Lee were there, too, but I loved Robey and Phillips.

"Another big time was when Pitino signed to come to Kentucky. I know people don't like to hear that now, but I remember all those championships and how he got Kentucky's program going again."

5. Who is the better athlete, you or Troy Gentry?

"That's a draw. We play for blood, pro-style, when we play basketball. No blood, no foul. He was on the rugby team at UK, but we hold our own playing basketball. When we were touring with Chesney, we stomped his team every time we played. Those Tennessee boys did not want any part of us."

Montgomery Gentry will be performing at Rupp Arena Dec. 31. Tickets can be purchased by calling 859-233-3535 or at the Rupp Arena box office.

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