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November 16, 2004

The striking of gas by S.R. Armstrong has caused a lot of excitement in Junction City. He was drilling a well at his home a couple of weeks ago when gas was discovered. Workmen had drilled only 20 feet when the well was struck. When lighted, a blaze shot high into the air. Oil can be seen on the water. Crowds continue to visit the well. If the flow proves to be of any consequence, thousands of dollars will be pouring into that city.

The Weisiger rooms on Fourth Street will be open for contributions to the rummage sale. The sale will be held on the weekend. The stock is multiplying. Attractions include pickles, preserves, cakes and candles that will be offered with sewing machines, hanging lamps and other articles.

A glance at the statistics on the Danville Fire Department shows there should be some reforms in expenses. The annual costs are: 1890, $107; 1891, $316; 1892, $110; 1893, $45; 1894, $823; 1895, $1,758; 1896, $604; 1897, $833; 1898, $762; 1899, $865; 1900, $1,172; 1901, $1,294; 1902, $1,713; and 1903, $2,827. The department already has cost $1,634 this year and a half of the year's payroll remains to be paid. It probably will be $361.


Dogs are being gathered and guns are ready for Bob White hunters. It is the first time in years that local hunters will have a chance to hunt quail. Until this year, quail already had been killed or grabbed by "pot hunters" a month before the law expired. Hunting parties that are forming are W.S. Lawwill, W.C. Crawford, Charlie Ware, Forrest Johnson, Ned Wiseman, L.E. Rue and Graham Price.

75 years ago - 1929

About 200 people enjoyed the hospitality of the Broadway PTA at a patron's party held in the school lunchroom. A group of teachers acted as the reception committee in Miss Williams' room on the first floor of the building. It was decorated with ferns and art by second-grade pupils. Entertainment was provided by the school radio, which had been installed in the room for the occasion. Refreshments were provided in the lunchroom where the same kind of sandwiches that the children eat every day were served. Mothers who had no experience with the lunchroom commented that the sandwiches were nutritious and delightful.

W.L. Lyons and Co., stockbrokers, moved their Danville office from Main Street to North Third Street. The Lyons Co. is a member of the New York Stock Exchange, the New York Curb Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade and the Louisville Stock Exchange. Earl Browning is the local manager and Arthur Crain is the telegraph operator.

The Danville Rotary Club is bringing Dr. Charles E. Barker, noted hygiene and physical culture specialist to town. They are spending $100 for Barker to deliver four, free lectures. He will have a women-only and a men-only lecture at the Second Presbyterian Church. He also will speak to Centre College students and boys and girls at Danville High School.

The Sock and Buskin Dramatic Club is finishing rehearsals for its one-act plays, "Overtones," "The Florist Shop" and "Valiant." The club has overcome difficulties with its fall production. One of the three plays originally selected was found to be too difficult and was changed.

Danville's Chamber of Commerce is considering an elaborate lighting and decorating scheme for Christmas. The Chamber plans to spend $400 on decorations. Kentucky Utilities will do most of the labor. The decorations will consist of criss-crossed streams of vari-colored light bulbs at the intersections of Second, Third, Fourth and Main streets.

50 years ago - 1954

The annual tuberculosis Christmas Seal letters are being mailed in Boyle County. Last year, 4,200 Danville and Boyle County residents gave $3,112 to support the work of the local association. At least $3,500 will be needed to carry on the work. Mrs. Arthur Bodner is chairman of the sale. Firefighters are helping with the campaign. They are Capt. Hubert Preston, Chief Alex Upton, Assistant Chief George Roberts, Johnny Taylor, Louis Evans, George Merrick and David Boyd.

The Centre College Players will present "Affairs of State," a sophisticated comedy in three acts, at the Centre College Women's Division chapel. West T. Hill is director of the group. The cast includes Virginia Ragland as Constance Russell and Sara Jo Huff as Irene Elliott.

A total of 333 dog tags was sold in Boyle County through J.T. Edwards, dog warden. The law provides 50 cents out of each $1.50 license fee to go toward setting up a pound. The total refund to Boyle County will be $178. Another 25 cents goes to the dog warden as his selling fee and 75 cents goes to the state livestock fund to satisfy claims for property damage or bodily injury due to action by dogs.

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