Kentucky players favor Ashley over Dickie V

November 19, 2004

Would you rather have Ashley Judd or Dick Vitale at a University of Kentucky basketball game?

That's the question the Advocate Messenger asked UK's players, and here are their replies:

Shagari Alleyne: "Both. Ashley loves UK basketball and Vitale brings excitement to the game."

Kelenna Azubuike: "I guess Ashley Judd. She just looks better. Dick Vitale is a good dude, but Ashley definitely has the looks over him."

Ramel Bradley: "Dick Vitale. He called me a PTPer. Besides, I met Ashley at Midnight Madness."

Josh Carrier: "Definitely Ashley. She is a strong fan of UK and she is a beautiful lady."

Joe Crawford: I can't say both? They are both huge stars, everyone loves both of them and they bring excitement to game. Ashley being a huge UK fan and Dick Vitale just brings so much energy.

Chuck Hayes: "Ashley Judd because I need to talk to her about my acting career."


Randolph Morris: That is a tough one. I would probably say both of them. I can't choose one. I would probably end up saying Ashley Judd, though, if I could just pick one."

Lukasz Obrzut: "I've seen both of them already. I'd prefer to see them both so they can (argue) about basketball with each other about who's better, Duke or Kentucky."

Bobby Perry: "Ashley Judd. It adds another pretty face to the crowd."

Rajon Rondo: "Dick Vitale. I have met Ashley Judd a couple of times and I really don't look at her like that. I would rather have ESPN and Dick Vitale here."

Patrick Sparks: "Ashley Judd. You should know the reason."

Brandon Stockton: Ashley Judd. We get to interact with her a lot more than we do with Dick Vitale.

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