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November 22, 2004

One of the worst wrecks in history of the Cincinnati Southern Railroad took place about a hundred yards from High Bridge, which crosses the Kentucky River. Engineer Ben Cunningham was killed and fireman Cox had his foot mashed. Ernest Shears was riding in the cab of the engine with the men, preparing to become a fireman. He was scalded on his head. The three men were pinned under 20 boxcars that piled on the engine. The wreck was caused by the engine breaking loose from the rest of the train. Forty cars left the tracks. Trains were detoured, causing them to be delayed about six hours.

J.C. Brown, who lives on the J. Harlan farm near Danville, killed a bird that is supposed to be a blue crane. It measured 5 feet and 8 inches from tip to tip and stood 4 feet tall. He was hunting when he spotted the bird on the Hanging Fork. He will have it stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist.


Dick Martin, the well-known horse buyer, lost a valuable animal in an unusual way. He had just purchased the horse at the Fox and Logan sale and was leading it up Main Street when the animal slipped on a crossing and fell, striking its hip against the ground. The bruise was bad enough to cause lock-jaw and the horse died a few hours later. It was valued at $150.

At the Manhattan Alleys, six bowling teams were organized and the first game of the new league soon will be played. Teams and members are: the Chiefs, Woods as captain and Huguely, Irvine, C. Ware and Reed; Crackerjacks, Lester as captain and Reynierson, Denham, Tillet and Ware; Big Fives, Marrs as captain and Lauder, Collier, Logan and Johnson; Bankers, Berry as captain and Briggs, Davis, Flaig and Pope; Manhattans, Adams as captain and Silliman, Clarke, Craig and Connolley; and The Best, Shelton as captain and Simpson, Fitzgerald, Craig and Durham.

F.K. Tribble sold his grocery near the depot to J.W. Mitchell. Tribble is an excellent merchant and his many patrons are sorry to see him retire. Mitchell was in business in the store he purchased.

75 years ago - 1929

The district meeting of the local Boy Scout council was held at the Hub department store with Scout Executive L.R. Bucher and assistant Cecil C. Hankins. As "Good Turns" for the city Scouts, Scout executives suggested having the boys distribute flowers among the patients at the Danville and Boyle County Hospital on Thanksgiving Day. The Boyle Post of the American Legion agreed to pay for the flowers and the Boy Scouts will visit in the hospital in their uniforms. The Boy Scouts also will gather toys in the community and repair them. The toys will be given to the poor children during Christmas holidays.

M.J. Lee, superintendent of the Kentucky School for the Deaf, received a check for $800. The check is the proceeds from Col. E.R. Bradley's charity races held in Lexington. The races raised $22,000, which was distributed to various charities. The money given to KSD will be used for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners for the children. Each institution that received money was given about $8 per child under age 15.

Judge Jay W. Harlan of Danville announced that he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Congress from the Eighth District. The Eighth District has been Democratic for 50 years and Boyle County has been a Democratic stronghold, but Boyle County has not offered a candidate for Congress since Judge Milton Durham, whose term ended 50 years ago. Harlan, age 42, is served in the state Senate during the 1918 and 1920 sessions. He is regarded as having made a valuable senator.

Trotting around in a 3-inch snow on Cheek Field did not stop the Centre College Colonels. They are preparing for a Thanksgiving game with Georgetown for the championship. The Colonels have shown more drive and pep this week than they have for several weeks.

50 years ago - 1954

The first district Boy Scout Camporee for the newly-formed Wilderness Trail District will be held at Perryville Battlefield. Camp will be set up after a campfire program. A demonstration of Scout skills will be given and a stunt night will be held. Eben C. Henson will assist with the camp.

Joseph N. Frankel was named publicity chairman of the March of Dimes campaign. He is a member of the Boyle County Chapter of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. Frankel is active in almost all business and civic affairs in the community. He has worked for the Community Chest, the Red Cross, and the Boyle County Cancer Society.

A Sadie Hawkins dance was held to celebrate the opening of the Walnut Street Community Center. Dick Green's Orchestra from Centre College and the Crazy Kids Mombo of Bate School performed. Helping with the event were Robert Haux, superindent of the Danville-Boyle County Recretion Department, Lucy Stevens, Mrs. Theodore Fields, William Summers, principal of Bate High School, and Miss Artimesia Dale, director of the center.

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