girls high school hoops preview

November 23, 2004

Area girls high school basketball preview

Compiled by Mike Marsee


Coach: Judie Mason

Record: 7-21 (1 year) 2003-04: 7-21

Top Returnees

Cassie Anderson, 5-9 Jr.

Ashley Chalk, 5-9 Sr.

Allie Hafley, 5-5 Jr.

Amber Mills, 5-4 Jr.


Michelle Yates, 5-8 Sr.

Signs of trouble were everywhere for Boyle County last season, but this year there are just as many signs indicating that things will be vastly different for the Lady Rebels.

Coach Judie Mason said now that she and her players have gotten to know each other better, the team has improved dramatically from her first season.

"Mentally, there's no comparison from last year," Mason said. "I'm sure it was hard for them, and it was hard on me, too. The kids know their roles a lot better now, and they're not afraid to make a mistake."

Boyle's shooting was atrocious last season, but Mason said that should be much better, too.

The go-to girls will be senior guard Ashley Chalk and junior guard Allie Hafley, both of whom are shooting better and taking larger roles in the offense.

Boyle also has the potential for a better game with much-improved senior forward Cassie Anderson and sophomore forward Tori Alcorn, the tallest player at 6-1.

Senior guard Michelle Yates is a 3-point threat, and senior guard Shunel Sanders, a Harrodsburg transfer, will also help in the backcourt. Boyle will also get help from junior forward Sarah McCann and sophomore guard Sarah Hall.

"We've got nine kids who can help us right now, and last year I don't think we had five," she said.


Coach: Keith Monson

Record: 36-54 (4 years) 2003-04: 17-14

Top Returnees

Taylor Bottoms, 5-8 Jr.

Amanda Carey, 5-5 Jr.

Bev Harris, 5-7 Fr.

Stephanie Stewart, 5-7 Sr.

Andrea Warner, 5-6 Jr.

The success of last season has changed everything for the Lady Bulldogs, who will be expected to follow a season that saw them win 17 games and their first regional berth since 1992 by doing it again.

Adding to the expectations is the fact that Burgin returns its entire roster this season.

"I felt like we could get to the region this year or maybe next year," Burgin coach Keith Monson said. "Last year was a big step for us. Now anything short of that will be a disappointment."

Monson said his players have improved since last season, and he said the competition for playing time is intense.

"I think we have a bunch of leaders," Monson said. "We're all the time challenging somebody to step up and be a leader."

The team's statistical leader is junior guard Taylor Bottoms, who could play away from the basket more this year thanks to improved outside shooting.

If that happens, the inside play won't suffer thanks to the work of senior forward Stephanie Stewart, and Monson also said freshman forward Tiffany Shewmaker should be much improved.

Senior guard Meredith Lear, junior guards Amanda Carey, Clara Sanders and Andrea Warner and center Ericka Waggener, sophomore guard Ann Harris and forward Michelle Myers and freshman guard Bev Harris are among those who return with varsity experience.


Coach: Randy Salyers

Record: 144-112 (8 years) 2003-04: 13-17

Top Returnees

Lindsey Hoskins, 5-5 Jr.

Bethany Snow, 5-9 Jr.

Kera Weddle, 5-9 Fr.

Tera Weddle, 5-5 Fr.

Lindsay Wilson, 5-5 Sr.

Randy Salyers says Casey will be ready to compete with the region's best within a couple of years, but the Lady Rebels could do some damage this year, too.

Casey is rebuilding with a number of players who gained experience last year, when it won the 45th District and reached the 12th Region semifinals. However, the loss of four seniors leaves the Lady Rebels both younger and smaller.

"Over the last four or five years, we've had a pretty strong inside game, but all that's gone," Salyers said. "Our inside peo-ple have to be able to score, and they have to be able to stop somebody. My main concern is whether we'll be able to do that."

Casey could play as many as four guards at a time, led by Lindsay Wilson, the team's only senior, who came back with a strong junior year after sitting out as a sophomore - "She's going to have to be the one who takes control out there," Salyers said - and sophomore Lindsey Hoskins, who will be asked to score more in her third year as a starter.

Other backcourt players who are back are freshman Tera Weddle, junior Tiffany Roy and eighth-grader Lauren Hatter.

The inside chores fall to junior Bethany Snow, who started much of last season, and freshman Kera Weddle. Sophomores Ashley Sugars and Courtney Laman will also contribute.

Salyers said he has a strong base to build on, and players from a strong middle school team are on the way.

"Two or three years down the road, we'll be right back in the regional hunt for four or five years," he said.


Coach: Stephanie Baker

Record: First year2003-04: 20-8

Top Returnees

Renee Chiu, 5-6 Sr.

Tasha Milby, 5-6 Fr.

Xerces Simpson, 5-4 Fr.

Diamond Smith, 5-9 Fr.

A trip to the All "A" Classic made last season a special one for Danville, and the players who remain don't want that to be the end of the journey.

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