Casey 'club' is all about the hunt

November 26, 2004|BOBBIE CURD

LIBERTY - A "party atmosphere" is not what you'll find at Rocky Point. No drinking or cussing allowed. And for good reason. These people are armed - and sometimes the kids come to visit.

Rocky Point is a cabin on a bluff. It overlooks U.S. 70 West and Green River, just three miles south of Liberty in Casey County. Owned by Tony Price, a retired loan officer from Casey County Bank, the cabin is the seasonal lodge for the "Rocky Point Hunting Club." It says so on the caps Price gave the members.

Price and his friends built the cabin in 1996.

"We usually have about 37 to 40 men in and out each season," Price says. "They come and go, about 12-15 per weekend, with about four or so a time that spend the night."

The 2004-05 deer season in Ky. started on Sept. 4 and will continue on through Jan. 17, 2005.


Price began hunting in the '70s but didn't kill his first buck until 1986. The buck head hangs in the corner of the cabin, mounted proudly along with a nameplate that identifies it as Price's kill.

A collection of antlers hangs under the trophy. "You can make knife handles or lamps out of them," he says.

Altogether, there are five buck heads on display in the cabin. All have nameplates so others will know who took them down.

About 1,500 acres

Rocky Point Hunting Club encompasses about 1,500 acres. Price owns 60 acres, a cousin owns 1,000 acres, and another family member owns the rest.

So far, in the years that Price and his friends and family have hunted on the land, there have been no accidents.

"It's a pretty seasoned group of guys that comes out here. And it's not a party atmosphere," he says.

Price recalls back in the '60s when the restocking of deer in the area began.

"Deer had been so few in this area for long, and then when we started seeing them again, people would stop their cars and get out. Like they do with elk now," he said.

As of last weekend, five deer had been killed this season in this area. Price says his nephew killed a 13-point buck near Ky. 70.

There is one elusive buck that Price claims to be "too big and fast to count his horns" that he knows has been shot at four times.

"I've shot at him at least once," he says.

The usual weekend fun at Rocky Point is a night of playing rook until 10 or 11. The hunters then turn in so they can get up about 5 a.m.

The wait

Most of the men will use deer stands that sit about 30 feet off the ground in a tree. The hunter climbs to the top of the stand, sits and waits. And waits. And ... waits.

Then, waits some more.

There were no deer in the field on a recent foggy morning for Price to shoot, only two that he saw through the windshield of his truck when driving back on the farm.

"I've had people stop on the road out here in front of the farm and shoot deer, pack 'em up and leave. And poachers, of course. The ones that shine the light at them," Price says.

The cabin is definitely a manly environment. Price explains that there are no female hunters that visit the cabin.

"It's more of a reason for us all to get away from things," Price says, "and get together with each other."

Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says as of Nov. 15:

* About 40,000 whitetails were reported harvested during the first weekend of modern gun deer season in Kentucky.

* To date, a total of 62,309 deer have been taken with almost an even split between male and female animals.

* The total statewide harvest for Kentucky is expected to be approximately 120,000. Kentucky's pre-season deer population was estimated at 900,000.

* In Casey County, there have been a reported 851 deer taken; 272 in Boyle, 426 in Garrard, 564 in Lincoln, and 557 in Mercer.

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