Christian schools a growing trend in education

November 26, 2004

Dear Editor:

After serving three years as headmaster of Danville Christian Academy (DAC), it is a thrill to see the continually growing number of families that desire a Christian education for their children and grandchildren. Christian education today presents a diverse personal and educational opportunity to its pupils and has dispelled many previous misconceptions. We at DCA are excited to be a part of this growing educational trend.

The modern Christian school movement is characterized by the highest academic standards while teaching the Bible in a non-denominational setting. Certified teachers make up most Christian school staffs. Likewise, most Christian schools subject themselves to the standards of accrediting institutions through regional accrediting organizations such as Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). Danville Christian Academy is currently a candidate for SACS accreditation with anticipated completion in the fall of 2005.

Achievement test scores in Christian schools today substantiate our emphasis on academic excellence with a trend of continued improvement each year. Students leaving Christian schools are successful and well-prepared for their next stage, be it returning to public schools, entering the work force, or studying at an institution of higher learning.


In today's Christian schools, students are nurtured socially, academically, and spiritually. While a weekly chapel service and daily Bible study are foundational to the Christian school experience, a student's family and local church are the greatest resources any child can have to encourage spiritual growth as well as dealing with specific denominational issues.

Overall, Christian schools are able to meet all of the needs of a child since we are not constrained by many of the ever-growing spiritual, disciplinary, and bureaucratic constraints that continue to be heaped on the public schools.

As a former public school administrator for over 30 years, I have seen both types of education up close and personal, and have seen tremendous success in either setting. May God continue to bless all of our schools, public and private, as we strive to nurture the students of today that are the future of our country.

Delmer Warren


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