Contrary to what the liberal press would like us to believe

November 26, 2004

Dear Editor:

As much as the liberal press and pundits would like us to believe to the contrary:

* Because he feared for his and his brothers' lives, an American soldier killing a terrorist (not loyal insurgent!) who was playing dead, is not the same as terrorists kidnapping and beheading innocent civilians.

* A few bad U.S. soldiers belittling and in some cases torturing prisoners at Abu Ghraib is not the same as Saddam systematically torturing and murdering his own innocent citizens.

* Terrorists are not covered under the Geneva convention and are not entitled to any of its privileges.

* Politicians that say they "support our troops" but don't "support the war" really don't support our troops.

* France, Germany, and the U.N. do not have our best interests in mind, and shouldn't be consulted about our policies. This is now truer than ever in light of the revelations about the Oil for Food debacle, which should be re-labelled Blood Money for Turning Our Heads. It is now obvious that these institutions let Saddam murder thousands and lay the groundwork to develop weapons of mass destruction as long as they received their payola.


* The U.S. invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq to protect us and bring democracy there is not the same as Hitler's invasion of Europe, where he murdered 6 million Jews and many millions more innocent civilians.

We, the majority of the U.S. population that were "so ignorant as to vote for George Bush," are not so ignorant as to believe this charade the media would have us believe.

John Lantz


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