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November 29, 2004

John C. Voris, one of the leading attorneys at the Danville bar, announced his candidacy for the office of city police judge. His entry into the race means there are two candidates in the field. The other is Capt. S.M. Boone. Voris is one of the most popular young men in the city and would make an ideal city judge.

The L&N Railroad seems to be in great straits for water. They already have pumped all the water that could be had in Hanging Fork near the railroad bridge on the Stanford and Junction City pike and recently ran a pipeline from there to Dawson's Mill and began pumping two miles to the railroad. If this continues, the mill dam, which has been a favorite fishing spot for years, soon will be pumped dry.

The sudden cold snap for the last three days has been a great help to farmers in slaughtering their porkers and many have taken advantage of the winter supply. The groceries in Danville were selling the pork almost as soon as it was received. One groceryman said he has not been able to keep a piece of fresh pork in his store for more than an hour after he got it.


The first match game of the new bowling league has been postponed because of the show at the opera house. The Chiefs and the Crackerjacks will be the opposing teams and a large crowd is expected to witness the match. No admission will be charged, which ensures a good audience. The line up is: Chiefs, Logan Wood as captain, R. Huguely, C. Ware, J. Reid and J. Irvine; and Crackerjacks, B. Lester as captain, T. Reynierson, L. Ware, Tillett and W. Denham.

75 years ago - 1929

The Parksville judging team placed 18th on all classes of livestock out of 30 teams in the national judging contest in Kansas City. The Parksville team was eighth in judging horses. All of the Parksville boys won something. Harvey Webb was the second highest in the horse judging contest. William Cash received a medal for being the ninth individual in judging sheep. Jack Tucker also received a medal as 10th in horse judging. Vernon Hatfield is an alternate on the team.

The new city council got organized by electing officers and naming committees. The new council members are: Arch Frye, R.G. Wilmott, Frank West, R.E. West, Elmer Stephens, George A. McRoberts, J.T. Parks, E.P. Faulconer Jr., T.F. Durham, R.A. Lipp, Rev. J.E. Woods and James Doneghy. All were present except Lipps, who is spending the winter in California, and Woods, who is ill. Mayor W.O. McIntyre also was there. The salary of the police chief was set at $2,000 a year and the day and night police will receive $1,500 a year. The salaries of the firefighters were the same. The salaries of the city clerk and city tax collector are $1,800 a year.

The Danville tobacco market opened with a little more than a quarter of a million pounds on the local floor. A spirit of optimism prevailed among the 1,000 or more spectators who followed the auctioneer. The average for 100 pounds was $27 and some farmers received $30.

The coldest weather in Danville for November arrived and continued for a day. Garage men have been busy thawing out frozen radiators and getting cars started. The thermometer at Junction City registered as low as 11/2 degrees below zero.

50 years ago - 1954

Members of Boy Scout Troop No. 154, with Herbert Smith and Tom Kennedy in charge, are doing their part for Toys for Tots collection. The troop and its affiliated Cub Pack, led by Tyler Campbell and Cecil Cohen, have spent three weeks collecting old but good and repairable toys. They are taking the toys to First Baptist Church. All the toys eventually will be moved to the Danville Fire Department where they will receive any necessary repairs.

A nativity scene for the city of Danville may be viewed in the courtyard at the Boyle County Courthouse. It was planned by the Danville branch of the American Association of University Women. The religious display is part of a special program of the Retail Merchants Committee of the Danville Chamber of Commerce, which has urged that this year's accent on decorations and programs be on the spiritual aspect of Christmas. S.S. Baker built the shelter. Smith-Jackson Funeral Home provided the scene.

The world-famous Harlem Globetrotters will play an exhibition game at Centre College's gymnasium. The program will be part of a doubleheader starring the Globetrotters versus the Kansas City All-Stars and the House of David versus the Honolulu Surf Riders in the other. Entertainment will be provided by Ray Wilburt, outstanding hoop artist, and a table tennis exhibition will be put on by Ted Bourne and Bob Anderson. It took the Chamber of Commerce three years to get Danville on the Globetrotter's schedule.

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