Casey superintendent gets good report card

December 01, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - A report card shows that Casey County school Superintendent Linda Hatter either meets or exceeds most requirements, and needs little improvement.

The evaluation was released Tuesday almost a month after the county Board of Education did the evaluation.

Hatter exceeds requirements in community relationships, according to the report card.

Her performance is exceptional and reflects a high degree of professionalism and accountability, consistently exceeds expectations, and in comparison to similar districts, performance is truly above the norm.

She conducts a community information program to share educational progress, seeks advice from other people, has a good relationship with the media, takes part in community life and affairs, and works effectively with public and private agencies.

She got a perfect score on "exceeds requirements" on relationship with the Board of Education. The evaluation shows Hatter keeps the board informed on issues, offers professional advice, and supports board policy.


She also responds to inquiries made by the board and seeks compromise or a middle ground where differences of opinion exist between the superintendent and the board.

The superintendent also exceeds requirements in business and finance. She keeps the board informed of the needs of the school program and facilities, prepares a comprehensive budget and makes recommendations on budgetary matters, keeps the board informed on budgetary trends that may have an impact on the school district, and evaluates financial needs and makes recommendations for adequate financing.

On staff and personal relationships, the board gave Hatter a "needs improvement" to ensure effective implementation of certified and classified staff evaluation plans. She got an "exceeds requirement" on the rest of the items dealing with staff.

Hatter treats all personnel fairly, without favoritism or discrimination, while insisting on performance duties, hires the best available personnel, encourages participation in planning and policy interpretation, and takes an active roll in salary schedules, according to the report.

Hatter got a perfect score on "exceeds requirements" on educational leadership. She understands the aspects of the instructional program, implements the district's philosophy, continuously studies and develops the education programs and school curriculum, and encourages highest professional standards in other educators.

None of the board members had written comments on the evaluation report signed by Hatter and Don Sweeney, board chairman.

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