Vaught's Views: Why Title Town will win again

December 02, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Ten reasons why Boyle County and Danville will make it a Title Town Repeat when they go for state championships this weekend in Louisville.

Tradition: This is an annual game for both teams. Boyle is playing in the state championship game for the sixth straight year, Danville for the third time in four years. Plus, both teams expect to win. Boyle is 5-for-5 in state title games and Danville 10-for-11.

Scheduling: Both teams plan their non-district games to prepare for this event. Boyle opened the season at Lexington Catholic, played in Commonwealth Stadium and survived the Title Town Showdown with Danville. And then there was that game at Highlands. Danville also took on Highlands as well as Boyle, the two best teams in Class AAA, and faced a Garrard County team that was as good offensively as almost anyone in Class AA.

Momentum: Danville has had four straight physical playoff games with little margin for error but has made game-winning plays in each. Boyle is on an offensive roll and has averaged 445 yards and 53 points per game in four blowout playoff wins.


Star players: No disrespect to anyone at Beechwood or Highlands, but if I had to pick two players to play for my team in a state title game it would be Boyle quarterback Brandon Smith and Danville running back Kelvin Turner - even if other media members foolishly did vote Hopkinsville's Curtis Pulley Mr. Football. Smith and Turner both have mind-boggling individual numbers, but they both also value winning more than anything. When their team needs a big play, they make it. That's how you win state titles - and should have won Mr. Football.

Rising stars: At this time next year, Seth Tamme of Boyle and Darren Ross of Danville could be the players that have their teams back in the state title game. Tamme has had a sensational season - maybe that's what inspired his brother, Jacob, at Tennessee last week - and Ross was a defensive terror last week.

Revenge: Boyle wants to prove its 21-0 loss at Highlands was a fluke. Danville wants to prove having to forfeit two early-season wins because of a paperwork error wasn't enough to derail the team's title hopes.

Rivalry: Would you want to be the Title Town team not to win?

Support: If you are the last one out of Title Town Friday or Saturday, turn out the lights. Both teams always have great support at the state title games. It's just too bad the Kentucky High School Athletic Association security police refuse to let fans have any part in the postgame celebrations by keeping family members, friends and boosters barred from the field once the game ends. Funny how playing an ineligible player in the playoffs draws no punishment, but fans trying to be near their teams brings about a permanent injunction.

Coaching: Not only do both teams have terrific head coaches, but the overall coaching staffs are among the best, if not the best, in the state. When Chuck Smith and Sam Harp speak, their players believe and that's huge this weekend.

Title Town: It's just too good to let end.

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