What kind of fan are you?

December 07, 2004

Dear Editor:

This past Saturday, like thousands of others from Danville and Boyle County, I made my sixth trip to Louisville to support the Boyle County Rebels football team.

This time it was different. Yes, it was different because the Rebels did not bring home another victory, but that is not the reason for this letter or my comments.

Each year that I have made the trip to Louisville, I have had only one motive for going: I go to support the team and encourage the players. The same was true this year. However, it was different this year, and some things I heard and saw made me wonder why others made the trip.


As the clock was running down, I saw many people leaving the stadium before it reached "00:00." I listened to comments like "Let's go so we can beat the traffic" and "Well, this is all over, let's go." For the fans who left early, I ask you these questions: Did you go to support the team or did you attend a social event to see and be seen by others? What kind of support did you show the players by walking out on them before it was over? When you are not having your brightest and most shining moment, do you want people to turn their backs on you and walk out?

I realize that the number of people who turned their back on the team was a small percentage of the attending crowd. Most of us stayed until the end, even though this time it was a bitter end.

Never once in many years have I walked out on a football game until one time this year (not a Rebels game). Before I got to the parking lot, I realized I made a mistake. I have given it much thought since then. Only in the case of an emergency would I walk out on a sporting event like that again. Win or lose, we should all go to support the players, coaches, and team as a whole.

The Boyle County Rebels, and the Danville Admirals did their best this year. They have done so in the past and will continue to do their best year after year. Next year, when you buy your tickets, give this letter some thought. Why did you buy that ticket? Are you there for the team, or some other shallow reason?

Steve Hamblin


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