Leaks being repaired at Casey judicial center

December 09, 2004|BRENDA S. EDWARDS

LIBERTY - The Casey County Judicial Center has been open for business more than a year, but leaks on each end of the building have been a problem that could be solved with the most recent repairs.

The ends of the building where the stone parapet meets the brick has leaked since the building was constructed. Roger Carmicle, a local contractor working with D.W. Wilburn of Lexington, is making repairs to the building.

"Hopefully, this will fix it," said county Judge-Executive Ronald Wright.

While damage is not extensive, most of the damage is to the walls in the Family Courtroom on the top floor, according to Circuit Clerk Craig Overstreet. Leaks also have damaged walls in the court designated worker's office and on the south end of the building on the Courthouse Square.

He said the problem may be caused by the way the stone and brick building come together on four corners. The water has not been running off properly, which causes it to leak into the walls where the damage is visible.


The contractors have worked on the building for about three weeks including last weekend, Overstreet said, adding that repairs can easily be made.

"They're about to get the north side done," Overstreet said. The leaks have not hampered work in the circuit clerk's office because it is on the main floor.

"I believe it's going to work this time," said Overstreet. Repairs have been made before in an attempt to stop the leaks.

The problems have not caused a disruption to court business. The building remains open for business in the circuit clerk's office and circuit and district courtrooms.

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