Mercer schools get money for tech wiring

December 09, 2004|ANN R. HARNEY

HARRODSBURG - As often is the case, money and its uses were the main topics of the monthly meeting of the Mercer County Board of Education Tuesday night.

Robin Bailey, the district's technology coordinator, said the state has offered $14,156 for assistance with the district's technology. The district has to match the money 100 percent and Finance Officer Joy Huff said the budget contains sufficient money for the match.

Bailey said the money will pay for replacing a wiring closet that is near the end of its usefulness. The money also will help pay for a fiber controller. Huff said she hopes the state will make further offers to fully fund to the district's immediate technology needs.

Huff also discussed the state-mandated 1 percent increase in salaries for all district employees. She said it has taken at least 20 minutes to figure one employee's added income for the salary increase that takes effect after Jan. 1. The district employs about 300 people.


For employees who make $47,000 annually, the hike will be about $16 per pay period.

Employees are paid twice a month. Employees in the $10,000 a year income range will get an additional $4.16 in their salaries before taxes.

Auditor Bill Critchfield and Superintendent Bruce Johnson complimented Huff and her staff for their work on the annual audit and their work determining the salary increases based on a 1 percent increase.

"You have an excellent staff," Critchfield said about the work his firm does to gather information for the audit. "This is one of the best places we work." He said the staff cooperated with his staff and made it easy to work in an office with which they have little familiarity.

"I want to give special thanks to Joy, her staff and the bookkeepers in each of the schools," Johnson said about their recent work on the financial end of the district's responsibilities.

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