When America is in trouble, we pray to God

December 09, 2004

Dear Editor:

They take the tobacco crops away from the farmers to keep our children from using tobacco products but they import it from other countries and we buy it, so what did that help?

I thought when you have a war you destroy things, not go back and rebuild them. When they destroyed the Twin Towers, they did not come back and rebuild them. They say if we drop bombs a lot of innocent people die. A lot of innocent people died when the Twin Towers were hit. If any nation rises against each other fighting, the United States is always there fighting.

The United States is not a free country to the American people. You have to have a high school education or a GED to get a job, but people from other countries come over here and get a job and don't have to have a high school education or a GED.


You are not allowed to pray or have the Bible in school. When we had the Bible in school, we didn't have children bringing guns or making threats at school.The people didn't even get to vote to keep prayer in school. It only took one person to take prayer out of school.

So wake up America! What is wrong with us? If God wanted us to be gay, he would have made Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve. God wants us to have tolerance for gays, but not support it. We allow people to worship false gods, but when the nation is in trouble, we pray to God.

You go to church on Sunday and the church is half full. There are plenty of seats. But if you have a party with dancing and drinking, you barely have room to sit or dance because the place is full. My point is, where are these people on Sunday morning? Let something tragic happen and the people and churches start praying and pulling together. Why do we have to wait for something to happen?

Verla Selch


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