Lincoln school board thanks two members for years of service

December 10, 2004|EMILY BURTON

STANFORD - Two longtime members of the Lincoln County Board of Education attended their final board meeting Thursday where both were presented plaques and words of thanks.

Randy McGuffey and David Hacker collectively have served 23 years. McGuffey has been on the board since 1989, and Hacker has served since 1997.

McGuffey, who chose not to run for re-election, will be replaced by Denny C. Hogue of Waynesburg in January.

Hacker, who lost a write-in campaign, will be replaced by Eddie Whittemore of McKinney.

"People don't realize what board members go through," said Chairman Jim Kelley.

"I don't know what it's going to be like to come to a meeting without Randy," said Kelley, since McGuffey had been there since he was first elected.

Kelley said he admired McGuffey for his forthrightness. You always knew where he stood and he never agreed just to get along, including his recent battle for Kings Mountain Elementary in the face of it becoming a middle school or closing down, said Kelley.


McGuffey emotionally thanked the community, his family and God for his support while serving.

"The Lord gives us all the energy and strength to do what we do, and I need to thank Him."

He also urged future board members to stand their ground and vote their conscience.

"All decisions aren't popular, but all decisions need to be made. If you disagree, then vote that way. Don't be agreeing to agree," McGuffey said.

Hacker is most recently accredited with starting the defibrillator project in the school system. He reportedly learned of the death of a Pulaski County student and wanted to start the program in Lincoln County to prevent such disasters.

Hacker thanked the board members for their teamwork and help during his terms. "I've had tough shoes here to follow in, but they've always shown me which path to take," said Hacker. "To say thank you is to say too few words."

Request concerning old photos, trophies at Kings Mountain

In one of the last motions made by the two men, McGuffey requested that old photos and trophies currently stored in the basement of Kings Mountain Elementary be made surplus and somehow distributed fairly to the public.

"I don't think it's right to sell them," but some type of lottery might work, said McGuffey. The board agreed and approved the measure without word on when the event might take place.

McGuffey was the lone vote against tabling a discussion about class fee schedules at the high school. He has often spoken out against class fees and urged the board to finance them through other means.

"I think students in food class shouldn't have to pay money to use those foods" in the classroom, said McGuffey.

There is ample money in the system through tax dollars to cover those expenses, he added.

"I don't like these schedules, and I never have."

They include charges such as $10 for food class, $25 for band and $10 for senior dues.

The discussion was first raised by board member Tom Blankenship.

The board suggested tabling the decision until it could research the effects on the board of dumping the fees.

The motion was seconded by Hacker and passed 4-1.

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