Garrard church burglarized again

December 12, 2004|BOBBIE CURD

CAMP DICK - Pleasant Grove Christian Church on KY 34 in Garrard County was burglarized Friday, the second time the church has been hit this year.

The crime was discovered by a member who showed up at the church around 8:30 a.m. on Friday to change the bulletins and immediately called 911. Kentucky State Police responded more than two hours later.

Church elder Rae Prater was sitting at a desk where a computer used to be. A DVD player, CD boombox, a computer hard drive and two large speakers were also taken.

With shards of glass hanging from a window in the back of the building and shattered pieces all over the floor, those who were first on the scene walked around the church shaking their heads at the mess.


Trooper Norman Preston arrived and made his way through the church surveying the damage. Footprints were found in the kitchen near the broken-out window. A cigarette lighter was on the floor of an office.

The church was also burglarized in July. Preston said a loud security system is probably the church's best bet to prevent this from happening again.

"There's always people around who will break into anything to get a bit of money," Preston said.

No money in the safe

If it was money the thieves were after, they left disappointed. Prater said the burglars were "probably pretty steamed when they drug that big heavy safe out of here and found that it had nothing but church records in it. We don't keep any money in the church at all."

"Can you print that up real big in the paper, that we do not keep money in the church?" he said, laughing.

More members began arriving as word got out and all showed the same good spirit about a bad situation. Mary Drew, a Sunday School teacher, walked through and noticed the perpetrators had opened the visitors book in the foyer.

"You think they signed in with their name?" she asked.

Member Brenda Townes said she wished the burglars would've come to Sunday service instead of through the window.

"We'd probably have given whatever to them that they needed, if they only knew," she said.

Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call the KSP Richmond Post at (859) 623-2404.

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