America has best system in the world

December 12, 2004

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to a Dec. 9 opinion written by Verla Selch.

I am a little confused whether the writer wants to live here in the United States or some communist country.

First, she believes we don't live in a free country because only immigrants or illegal immigrants (not sure what was meant) can get jobs without high school diplomas or GEDs. The type of jobs available for uneducated people are the same. Usually, here anyway, they would rather draw a disability check than work hard out on some of the farms.

Concerning prayer in school I haven't seen any statistics on how the Bible has affected violence in our schools. This issue has been debated over and over and over. I believe in God and church like anyone else. However, the constitution clearly states that we should keep church and state separate.

I don't understand the statement about worshipping false gods. Our constitution also states that the government shall not establish any certain religion.


Your using the right to voice your opinion, for example, proves that though not without flaws, this is a free country and the best system in the world.

Toby Henderson


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