Net Xpress: Connect to SIPphone through Windows Messenger

December 13, 2004|SHEILA J. CLARK

Microsoft recently has implemented the SIP standard into its Windows Messenger 5.0 client. This is an important step that will benefit computer users in the long run. Now, with a little bit of configuration, computer users can use their client to make SIP phone calls over the Internet. Phone calls over the Internet are cheaper and more convenient, especially for folks who are online a lot.

SIPphone has designed a step-by-step tutorial for connecting to SIPphone via the Windows Messenger at

OS updates

* Microsoft's security updates for December were quite small in comparison to previous updates within the last few months. One update, which addresses a flaw in its Internet Explorer browser, is rated critical. Learn more.

* Apple released its December security update. Its update is a 12.7MB download that addresses several components, including Apache, AppKit, Safari, Kerberos and others. Read more.

* Several Linux distros, including Gentoo and SuSE Linux, have released patches for an image flaw found recently in the lmlib software library. The flaw is rated as highly critical. Read more.


Net buzzz

* IBM has sold off its PC division to Chinese manufacturer Lenovo Group, formerly known as Legend. Read more.

* Mozilla has officially released version 1.0 of its free e-mail client Thunderbird. Read more or download a copy at

Free online courses

* CNET's will offer a "Combating Spam and Spyware" class beginning Monday through Jan. 10. The free course will teach you the basics about what spam and spyware are, how they work and how to manage them. The course will cover different types of spyware, how it infects a computer, and explore ways to find and destroy it and more. Learn more or register.

* CNET's will offer a "Wireless Home Theater" class beginning Thursday through Jan. 14. The course will teach you how to set up your home theater system or extend an existing one without the use of more cabling. Learn more or register.

VoIP update

* Vonage, a leader in VoIP phone services has partnered with Viseon, makers of videophones. The partnership will allow Vonage to offer video phone services to its current offerings. Read more.

Sites to see

* McRorie One Man Live at This is the official Web site of the Canadian one-man band, McRorie Tait. Known solely as McRorie, he performs every instrument and even does the light show during his live performance. The Web site features newspaper articles, MP3s and posters to download, a video clip of McRorie in action, and a list of songs from McRorie's repertoire. Site visitors also can purchase McRorie's CD on the site. The CD features 15 tracks written, performed and recorded live by McRorie.

* explores the history, science and consequences of the Atomic Bomb. The site features timelines, media, a library of historical documents, an almanac and a store.

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