Look at what has happened to Christmas

December 14, 2004

Dear Editor:

Christmas, the joyous season when we celebrate the birth of the Christ Child who was born in a manger in Bethlehem of Judea, is just around the corner. Maybe, to be politically correct, that statement should be recast to say that the Holiday Season, the time for a Winter Festival to celebrate Frosty the Snowman, is just around the corner.

The secularists, who are determined to undermine the traditional values that have been a part of our society since our founding fathers brought forth a new nation on this continent, are at work to bring about radical change in every area of life. In order to achieve their purpose, the secularists seek to replace traditional values with a new set of values that characterize the secular society they desire to establish.

Based upon that which is readily observable in everyday life, the secularists have been somewhat successful. In fact, they have been more successful in bringing about the changes they desire than those who espouse traditional values have been in preserving their values. As a result, a secular society is rapidly emerging.


Look at what has happened. Now, we are told that it could be offensive to some to use "Merry Christmas" as a greeting. Instead, to be respectful of others, "Happy Holidays" should be used.

Then, our schools, the primary institution that molds the minds of children and youth, for the most part, do not have Christmas programs any more. Rather, they have Winter Festivals. At these festivals, traditional Christmas carols may not be sung. They have been replaced by songs that celebrate the beginning of winter.

Too, some school districts have changed the school calendar. "Christmas Holidays" have been replace with "Winter Break." Along with this, on the cards we send, the traditional symbols of Christmas are being replaced with generic symbols that suggest the beginning of winter.

The secularization of Christmas and, indeed, the secularization of society will triumph if good people who cherish traditional values remain silent and inactive.

Howard Coop


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