Voters OK liquor sales at country club

December 15, 2004|LIZ MAPLES

Danville Country Club got clearance for its 19th hole Tuesday when voters approved a referendum allowing liquor to be served at the golf course and restaurant.

The vote was 187-120 with 26 percent or 307 voters in the Indian Hills Christian Church precinct coming to the polls.

Turnout to hear the results was light at the Boyle County Courthouse, but Ephraim Helton, a local attorney who sits on the club's board, was there and said the club expects to have its license by February or March. He said that the club wanted to serve alcohol to its members because it would put it "on par with the nicer restaurants in town."

Some members entertain at other places in town because they can buy a drink for dinner there.

Helton said Old Bridge Golf Course is one of the places in town that competes with the club. Voters passed a similar referendum for Old Bridge, the county's public golf course, last year.


Unlike Old Bridge, the country club is in the city limits, and has a restaurant that seats 100 people, one of the requirements for a city liquor-by-the-drink license. But, because the club isn't open to the public, it isn't eligible for a restaurant license, according to Kentucky Alcoholic Beverage Control.

With the golf course license, the club will be able to serve liquor at the restaurant and on the course, and will not have to prove that 70 percent of its revenue comes from food sales. That is one of the requirements for a restaurant license.

The club will have to pay the city for a $1,000 license and pay a regulatory fee, 5 percent of its gross sales receipts.

The country club filed a petition for a vote under the authority of KRS 242.123. The law allows limited sales of alcoholic beverages in a wet precinct that has a nine- or 18-hole course. The club, which only allows members and guests to play, has 18 holes.

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