Vaught's Views: Fan proud of Boyle and Danville

December 15, 2004|LARRY VAUGHT

Clearing out what has been another full, and interesting, e-mail bag from the last few days:

* Danville's Ken Griffin enjoyed Sunday's article looking ahead to what it would take for the Boyle County and Danville football teams to get back to the state title games in 2005.

"I hope both schools continue to make a big splash on the state scene, but I also know that it will not happen every season. Boyle has been blessed with some great kids over the last seven seasons. They have built a solid foundation and will enjoy much success next season as will Danville. Sam Harp is one of the best coaches in Kentucky and proves it year in and year out.

"I think fans from both schools should be proud if they don't make it to Louisville (for the state championship games) and I have no doubt that they will be proud. Championships will not happen every year and someone once said, "All good things have an ending." I don't think Boyle's and Danville's best days are behind them, but both schools will be losing so much that it may be too much to overcome next year."


No argument here on any point.

* Tommy Morris of Louisville thinks way too much was made here of Curtis Pulley of Hopkinsville winning Mr. Football honors over Boyle's Brandon Smith and Danville's Kelvin Turner. He says he reads the paper daily online at, mainly for the Kentucky football and basketball coverage.

"I think the downplaying of how great a high school quarterback Curtis Pulley is has possibly gone a bit too far. I also understand that you sell your papers in Danville/Boyle County and that being a homer in some situations keeps the people that do live in your area in the pocket, and there is no doubt that both Turner and Smith are also top tier high school talent in the state of Kentucky.

"I also want to give you an example of why that one game should not be a barometer for one players entire high school career or even to their prospects as college players. I need point no further than one miserable performance Tim Couch put up in Hopkinsville during a Saturday game in 1995 with Sports Illustrated on hand desiring phot's of Tim lighting up the yardage and scoreboard. The game ended as a shutout of Leslie County and the only game in Tim's high school career that he did not post over 100 yards passing and at least one touchdown pass. He was so thoroughly outplayed by Hopkinsville's Miguel Merit that one should have immediately thought of him as Mr. Football, as he was also very deserving. But over the course of both players' careers, Tim obviously was the Mr. Football. And even though he laid an egg against Hoptown, I think he went on to have an amazing career at UK. I expect the same from one very deserving Mr. Football of 2004, Curtis Pulley.

"From a Hoptown Tiger living life in Louisville that will still be opening the web page daily to read your UK articles but would also like to point out that there is just as much praise that you should bestow on Mr. Pulley in the same print space you have used to stump for Smith and Turner."

No one can argue that Pulley is a terrific high school quarterback and likely will be a superb player at Kentucky - or whatever college he eventually attends. But using Morris' own logic, Smith or Turner still should have been Mr. Football. Just as Couch won the award for his career numbers, the same should have been true for Smith or Turner. Both have more productive numbers based on state titles, wins and individual statistics than Pulley. That's not a knock on Pulley - or being a homer. It's just evaluating the facts when trying to decide how to base a vote between three gifted players.

* Deva Hair of Liberty provides this update on her daughter, Misty, a former basketball player and track athlete at Casey County and four-year member of the track team at Western Kentucky. She has now been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure. She'll have another surgery scheduled Dec. 20 and has been placed on the transplant list.

"We want you to know how very much we appreciate your prayers and everyone's prayers on her behalf. The disease was described as being one that just hit her kidneys for no reason. The doctors have told us otherwise, she's in great health and will get a transplant and live a normal life. Even with all the positives, we still need the prayers of everyone.

"Just let everyone know she is handling this quite well and she is a fighter. Her goal is to get whatever it takes to get her back to normal. One other positive is Western Kentucky University and her track coach, Curtiss Long, have been wonderful. They have given her support and any help she needed.

"Remind everyone we need to live every day as if it were our last because you never know when something like this can happen."

Here's once again wishing Misty the best and reminding every area sports fan not only to remember her, but also heed her mother's advice and enjoy every day for obvious reasons.

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