Hood is baseball coach at LCHS

December 17, 2004|HAL MORRIS

STANFORD - Lincoln County has its new baseball coach.

Brad Hood, a special education teacher and assistant football coach, has been named interim coach and given a one-year contract that will pay him $1,800.

"We were having trouble finding a coach. Several of my kids from football played, so I knew them already, and it bothered me them not having somebody," said Hood, who is in first year at the school. "So I talked to (the school) about it and kind of held off at first. And finally I just felt like it would be right. I enjoy the kids, and plus I'm always up for a challenge.

"I felt it was right and felt it was something I wanted to try. I've always enjoyed baseball."

The Patriots have been without a coach since Jimmy Hill resigned three weeks into the school year.

"We wanted to do it before Christmas," Lincoln athletics director Steve Ralston said. "We'll do it this one year and see how it goes. We'll leave it open and see if he's interested after this year."


Hood said just having the one-year contract is perfect for him.

"I told (Ralston) I'd feel more comfortable just giving it a shot and seeing if I could handle it (along with football)," he said.

Hood, 27, met with his team Wednesday. He played baseball in high school, but this is his first coaching job.

"They were pretty happy it seemed like. I'm eager to get baseball going. We're waiting for that first practice and see what we can do," Hood said. "We'll set our goals high and work hard. We've got a lot of catching up to do. Hopefully I'll learn from them and they'll learn from me."

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