Salvation Army hoping for strong finish to kettle drive

December 19, 2004|BOBBIE CURD

By Friday evening, with a week left to go, Salvation Army Capt. Zach Bell said the Kettle Drive total was $43,235.58, more than $20,000 short of the $65,000 goal.

"So we've got a little ways to go," he said.

Bell said the week before Christmas is always the heaviest week for donations of money and items, so they expect the amount to pick up. Donations so far this year are above the level they were at this time last year, he said.

So far, 800 children will be taken care of with food and gifts this holiday season.

"Earlier in the week, we had those 50 angels that were returned unfulfilled. But after the community found out about it, we had 35 people come in to fill them," Bell said.

Bell also said that more than 30 of the 200 angels that were still out have been returned with gifts, leaving 170 angels still out there.


"But look around this room," Bell said, motioning around the agency's gymnasium on Fourth Street that is well-stocked with gifts. "That area is all food, those are all toys. I mean this really shows what a community can do."

Bell went on to say that everyone in the area has really pulled together, including Dana Corp.

"The Dana company held a silent auction for us, completely impromptu, all on their own, and donated the entire proceeds from that. The company gave $1,600, which we plan to use on clothes."

The Salvation Army still needs contributions, especially winter clothes for kids, Bell said.

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